Monday, November 21, 2011


We went down to Cedar City this weekend to see Morgan in one of her last plays at SUU.
We headed out of town with Tara and Atty riding with us while Cody was golfing in Mesquite at about noon.  The roads were okay, there was a big accident through Ogden so we got detoured but got to Cedar at about 6pm.
 We went and checked into the hotel room and then went to get some dinner.  Morgan needed some more tights so we ran some to her then went back to the room to eat and meet Cody.
We were going to the 11pm show so we just relaxed in the room with Cody's niece while his dad, brother and sister-in-law went to the 7pm show.  I was dozing off a little bit on the bed while Tara watched movies with Eva.  They came back and told us how it was and then we got ready for our showing.  Somewhere along the way during the weeks before the play, we had heard that the 11pm show would be more gory so that's why we decided to go to that one.  That apparently was not true, but we headed in.  The theatre was really small, a lot smaller than I was expecting.  It seated maybe about 70 people.  The play was really good.  Morgan did a great job.  It was great to see her do what she loves so much.
We got back to the hotel after 1am and crashed.  We got up the next morning, went to breakfast and then hit the road back home.  It was starting to snow a little bit as we got back up towards home but nothing too bad.
We love you Morgan, you did great!

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Marvett Smith said...

Gorgeous images Kandice! Absolutely gorgeous!