Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks.

Josh and I decided to have a quiet Thanksgiving at our house this year.  We have always tried to switch years with his family and mine.  It never seems to work out when it's his family's year so we always end up at my family's, and I don't complain.:)  But this year was Josh's year and we decided to stay at our house and have his mom up with us.  It was just great.  It was quiet and awesome.
On Tuesday night, we had Thanksgiving dinner with my family while my nephews were here.  We had a great time with them and a yummy dinner my mom prepared for us.  I made my great-grandma's creamed corn, which is my assignment every year.
Gavin and Branson love Josh.  They just want to jump on him and play, and Josh lets them.
 I love watching him play with them.  I hate having to split the holidays or plan the holidays around when we have them, but they make it so worth it.  I love those little guys so much.  It was a great holiday with my family.
Rosie rode the Frontrunner from West Valley to Ogden and I picked her up.  She was supposed to be dropped off in Pleasant View just north of Ogden and I drove around the area where the address was and did not see a train station anywhere.  It was after 9 at night and was getting nervous for her being alone in the dark.  She called me and said she got dropped off at the main Union Station in downtown, scary Ogden so I booked it there to get her.  She told me she would stand under a street lamp and wait for me.  I finally got to her and got her home!
We got up the next morning and I started dinner.  We bought a smoked turkey that was delicious!  I made PW's mashed potatoes and those babies were so dang good.  You can't go wrong with butter, half and half and cream cheese.  I know it's lame but I've never made mashed potatoes from scratch so it was kind of fun.  I remember watching my mom do it all the time growing up.
I also made my creamed corn again, mashed sweet potatoes, then all the other fixings.  We ate the delicious feast, then just relaxed and watched movies.  It was perfect!  I made a pumpkin trifle for dessert that was so good, too!
Here's some of the things I'm thankful for this day and everyday.
*My life*
*The Gospel*
*My Husband*
*Our Furbabies*
*Our Families*
*Our Jobs*
*A Warm Home*
*Our Health*
*Our Friends*
I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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