Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Disneyland Day 1

We got up early the next morning and headed into the park.
Mainstreet USA!
Walt Disney & Mickey
Cinderella's Castle
 We walked in and there was no line for the Snow White ride so we hit that up and then went on to Dumbo. I know it's a kiddie ride but I loved it!
Tristan, Jason & Kaleb (but you can't see Kaleb) and Jaimee with Brodie.  Alex was all by herself in the elephant in front of us.
Then we walked right onto the Mad Hatter.  I remember this ride as a kid, I loved it!
We walked over to Tomorrow Land and went on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster, that was so fun!
We had no idea when they take the picture and I really sucked!
Then we got on the train that takes you all around the park.
Cute little Brodie!
Brodie REALLY wanted a drink of Jaimee's pop!
I was in between Josh and Kaleb and everytime we would go in a tunnel and it was dark, Josh would touch Kaleb behind his ear or on his head trying to scare him...didn't work!  The train ride was fun though just to see the whole park, but also to see all the places we needed to go!
We walked over to California Adventure to see what was going on there.  There was a store that was called Off The Page or something like that that had some really cool stuff in there.
Jason was trying to get Brodie to stand and walk on his own.  So cute!
I love the vintage Mickey stuff!
Then, they got me to go on the Tower of Terror.  I don't like most rides, I know I'm a baby, but I told myself that I was going to be adventurous since we were there.  I cried...for real.  I HATE free-falling rides, HATE them.  You go through the creepy hotel and then they put on an elevator and get you strapped in.  As we were getting strapped in, the seat belts weren't what I was expecting knowing that you drop on this ride. They were just lap belts, so I'm thinking it might not be so bad.  If I am going to be doing some free-falling, you better have me strapped in with shoulder straps not just a dinky lap belt.  When the elevator gets up to the top, they open the doors just so you can see how far up you are...then you drop.  When I go on rides, I have to wrap my arm around my waist and hook my finger in belt loops to hold my stomach in.  I know it sounds weird but it helps me.  As we dropped, I flew up off my seat and my glasses flew halfway off my face so I couldn't hold my stomach and had to hold those.  Josh was squeezing my hand asking me if I was okay, I was in tears.  Here's our picture, yep that's me in the pink. 
Everyone else apparently loved it and wanted to go again with Jason since he sat out last time with Brodie.  So after we walked through The Bugs Life area and got a yummy churro, they went again.  I sat out with Brodie, Tristan and Kaleb.
We went on Grizzly Rapids after that.  I was skeptical after The Tower of Terror.  I don't care for the log ride at Lagoon but love Rattle Snake Rapids and this looked like a mixture of the 2.  You get in the big tube with 7 other people and buckle in.  You go up and down little hills and until the big one at the end.  You get wet but it was really fun.  I didn't take my camera with on that one. We all walked around with sloshy shoes and wet shirts for the next little while.  We didn't want to go up the room to change because we knew we'd all lay down and not get up for a while.
Then we walked over to the pier.  It's so fun over there.  There's not as many rides as there is at Disneyland as they are still building it but it's really cool and fun.
We got on the big Mickey Mouse ferris wheel.  I don't like sitting in a metal cage way up in the sky and really don't like sitting in one that slides and rocks as you go around but I got in.  The first time around wasn't so bad but the second time we really slid and rocked from the speed.  Scared me!  Jaimee, Jason and their kids probably thought I was the biggest baby...and I am, I'll admit it!
They all got fast passes to get on California Screamin' before we got on the ferris wheel so they walked onto the roller coaster after we got out of our death cage.  The roller coaster looks like fun and goes so fast!  After you get on, it brings you nice and slow to the starting point.  Then that thing shoots off so fast!
 I don't think people buy these pictures anymore.  Everyone crowds in front of the screen to take pictures with their phones and cameras.  I had to fight to get my spot to take my picture of Josh and Alex.
We walked over to the other side of the pier to go through their newest ride, The Little Mermaid (one of my absolute fav Disney movies).  Loved it!!  Ariel is my favorite Disney princess and I love the music in that  movie, takes me back to my childhood.
 We went to the Bug's Life 3D movie "It's Tough To Be A Bug".  It was all about how important insects are to the environment and it was interactive as in they spray you with "fogger" and blow air in your face and have bugs run under your seat, it was kind of scary actually but cool.
 We went back up to the room at about 9pm, exhausted.  Our feet hurt, our backs hurt but we had so much fun!  We couldn't wait to go do it all again the next day.

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Treesa Porter said...

Oh Kandice dear, I love your pictures. Their kids are adorable! I think you get your fear of scary rides from your mother. Do you remember my ferris wheel tramatization at Lagoon??? Really not sure how you guys ever convinced me to get on it in the first place. Never, ever again. That Tower of Terror picture does make me laugh a little though. Sorry it brought you to tears...it's an aweful feeling. I remember when you were little and would cry if we even asked if you wanted to ride the rides :) You know how I am with heights, so I sympathize totally. Your pics are AWESOME!! I am so glad you guys got the chance to go and had such a great time!