Sunday, July 31, 2011

Famous Preston Parade & Carnival

My sister in law has started selling Usborne books and had a booth up at the sidewalk sale for the Famous Preston Rodeo weekend.  I was going to babysit the boys on Friday after I got off work but they all got sick with a nasty stomach bug so she didn't go Thursday or Friday.  They started feeling better on Saturday so she asked if I would come up on Saturday instead.
I had so much fun spending time with them.  We watched 101 Dalmatians and played and played.  Gavin was feeling fine but Branson still wasn't feeling very good so he didn't eat very well.  We met Brit in time to watch the parade in front of where her booth was on Main St.  I hadn't been up to that parade, carnival or rodeo since I was just out of high school...a long time ago.  So it was kind of bizarre to be back up there and see how much the town has NOT changed.
When we got to the booth, she had 2 bags of cotton candy for the boys.  Gavin devoured his in seconds, he loved it!
Our valley regular, Brent, was there.  He is always out riding his bike, honking his horn and waving to everyone no matter the season.  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall he's out there making people smile.
 Then the parade started.
All the kids went crazy for the candy and rushed the streets.
Chelsie and I were on candy patrol for the kids and caught Gavin a Nut n Honey.  He loved eating it.
And then this came down the road and I had no words.
The parade got over and Gavin was so excited to finally see his mom.  He just wanted to touch her.
About half way through the parade I looked down and saw something down the back of Gavin's back.  I thought it was candy slobber from Branson but then figured out it was vomit.  Apparently Branson wasn't feeling very well.  We wanted to go to the carnival with the boys afterward so we had to go back to Franklin to change Branson.  In the madness of getting the boys back in the car and getting out of town I put my camera on the top of my Jeep.  I didn't realize I left it up there until after we got back to Brittiney's and felt in my pockets for my keys and felt my lens cap.  Then the immediate thought of "where is my camera? oh my gosh, i left it on top of the jeep!" came to my mind.  I almost had a heart attack.  I ran outside and by the grace of God, it was still on my roof up against the luggage rack.  I don't know how it stayed up there going 65 mph down the highway but it did.  It scared me so bad!  I would have been inconsolably devastated.  My camera is my most prized possession.  It's kind of become part of my identity that I see of myself, camera always in hand.  I would be lost without it.
After we got the camera off the roof, we took the boys back up to the carnival.  Brittiney decided to let them ride the monkey train.  Gavin started crying before he even got on the ride, he was not a fan.  Branson wasn't so sure of what to think either.  Gavin was reaching for Brittiney with big tears just streaming down his face.
After we succeeded in traumatizing the boys, we walked around, got a hamburger and a drink before we headed home.
I had to go home and tell Josh what I did to the camera.  He was just as shocked as I was that it stayed on the car.  I don't know what I would have done if it fell off.  I just imagined where we pulled away in Preston and my camera falling and shattering on the ground or falling off the roof going 65 mph down the highway and it bouncing and breaking down the road.  Other than that little mishap, it was so fun to experience the parade and carnival with my nephews!


Marvett Smith said...

I love parades, and you have captured this one so well. So sorry about the boys, and I am so happy to hear your camera is ok. That would be devastating in my world to have it shatter!!!

Treesa Porter said...

You were one lucky girl sweetie that your camera survived. I still crack up looking at those photos of poor little Gavin on the monkey train, poor kid. You're a great auntie and the kids are so lucky to have you in their lives!

Vicki said...

Not only you would have suffered in devastation of the camera but all your blog readers as well. I was breathless reading that so glad it hung on at 65 mph:D