Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July: Pt 2

Tara and I wanted to go to the pool Friday afternoon but I didn't get out off work in time so we went Saturday morning.  We both got scorched on our front and oddly nothing on our backs!  We had some good girl time though and the pool was pretty empty.  Josh and I sat around most of the day after that.  The Cruise In was in town and we are always locked in our house during the parade.  Since Main Street is shut down for 3 hours, everyone uses our street and it's like a parking lot.  We finally got out at 9pm and went back over to Cody and Tara's to light our fireworks.
I love taking pictures of them, just to see what I get!  We started out behind their complex.  We had quite the little audience of kids that kept chanting "do more, do more!" but decided we better move so we didn't start one of the houses or the field on fire.
We moved out by the street and lit the rest of them.
There was a group of people down the road from us who were lighting off the big fireworks and we felt pretty pathetic with our popping fountains...until they started themselves a fire in the field that they quickly put out!
We had fun watching our little firework show.
It was a great weekend celebrating our freedom and the birth of our country.  We honor and thank our service men and women who sacrifice their lives to keep us safe and free on this Independence Day.  We are so blessed.


Vicki said...

Same flowers different location:) we had to get to ours on four wheelers up cherry creek so go where Hannah told you it's easier. What would you charge me to do my family photos? It wouldn't be til august or sept cause carson is gone til then.

Hannah said...

Yeah the flowers I went to you can drive right up to in your car. Your fire work shots are AWESOME!

Marvett Smith said...

Great images!