Thursday, July 7, 2011

Backyard BBQ

We had a little BBQ at my brother's house, for no reason except to have one.  The boys were playing in the backyard with a few of the neighbor girls having the time of their lives.
We ate then went out back to sit around the fire, talk and eat s'mores.
Josh enjoying some family time before going to work.
When did this baby become a little boy?
And this baby?  He just cracks us up.
These two boys are getting so big, time goes by too quickly.
We loved making s'mores.
I know Josh and I won't always be living here and once he's done with school at the end of this year, we have to go wherever he gets a job.  But I'm thankful to live so close to my family and for my nephews to know us.  They both just LOVE Josh.  Branson had to go for a ride down the street with us before we could leave last night and thought it was so cool to be riding in Josh's "truck" (jeep).  He loved it.  


Vicki said...

They have some cute summer hair cut!! Hope you don't move to far. Hey when would you like to take some pics of my fam we need some bad and you do a good job!!

Marvett Smith said...

I love how happy these images are!

Ernie B. said...

Cute lil babies! Love the pics!makes me wish i had 1 of my own.

Treesa Porter said...

Please don't move ... please don't move ... please don't move ... sniff, sniff

Ang and Rick said...

Looks like fun. I love the messy faces pictures!