Thursday, July 21, 2011

Porter Family Camping Weekend of Fun: Day 2

We got up the next morning and it was our turn to make the meal.  We chose to make blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and sausage.  The eggs looked a little weird after being cooked in the bacon and sausage grease but they tasted good!
After breakfast we got washed up and cleaned up the best we could with baby wipes.  We look pretty!
Since Jade and Brit weren't there and the mosquitoes were terrible, we decided to take a trip to Bear Lake for a few hours.  My dad stayed behind to take a nap with Roxy since you can't have dogs on North Beach.  As we were on our way down off the mountain, we ran into Jade and Brit.  They came back for the day so Josh and I decided to go to Minnetonka Caves with them instead of Bear Lake.  We got up to the caves at 1:30 and it was so crowded they were selling tickets for the 4:00 tour, not gonna happen.  So Josh and I went for a drive around Bear Lake.
I really wanted a fresh raspberry shake so we stopped for one.  After I ordered it, they pulled raspberries out of the freezer in a Wal Mart bag.  I was disappointed but the shake was good.  The lake is so high this year.  My mom, Chelsie and Brian tried to go to North Beach but they wouldn't let them on the beach because they said it was at capacity, never heard that before!  People were pulled over on the side of the road on the little pull-offs playing in the water.
We went back to camp to meet up with everyone.  My mom, dad and I decided to go for a walk with Branson to take him to the ice cave.
Branson is really into "Up" right now and he always talks about "the mean man" from the movie.  Well on our walk we found a tree that Branson thought would belong to the mean man so we had to stop and look at it.
 Branson thought the cave was so cool.  He thought that is where the dragons live and was trying to find baby dragons everywhere.  It was really neat in there.  It was actually the one place where there were no mosquitoes since it was so cold in there.
We went back to camp to start making dinner.  It was Mom and Dad's turn and they made yummy dutch oven chicken (for me) and ribs (for everyone else) and potatoes.
The boys played and got more dirty and Gavin used Josh as a jungle gym again.
yep, those bumps all over his forehead are mosquito bites, poor kid
 Roxy was on guard all weekend.  When my Mom and Dad got back to their house, they said she slept for hours and hours finally relaxed.
Dinner was delicious.  Jade and Brit packed all that they could fit in their car to go home that night and the rest of us would take what was left home in the morning.  Josh went home with them.  He is not much of a camper, or is just a 1-night camper.  The rest of us all sat around the fire for the rest of the night, scaring ourselves.  When we went to bed, I pointed my flashlight out into the woods to check on things and there was a big buck and a doe circling our camp.  We watched them make their way down the road and then went to bed.  I was scared sleeping by myself in the Jeep.  My mind is really bad at scaring me and I can't shut it off.  My iPod was just about dead so I listened to music until it died and I finally fell asleep.  We got up in the morning and got everything packed up to go home.
It was such a fun weekend to spend with my family, totally disconnected for 3days.  I loved it and can't wait for next year.


Treesa Porter said...

It was a blast and I can't wait for next time either - really hope we can get it together to all go to Yellowstone. Thanks for staying the second night all alone. It meant so much to your daddy!

Marvett Smith said...

Looks like so much fun! That bokeh on your pancake shot is absolutely beautiful, and I love the excitement Branson has!