Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shaw Family

So my mom and I got down to Pleasant Grove to meet at my aunt Aspen's house.  She was just finishing getting her 2 boys ready for their pictures.  So we chatted there for a while and then headed to the amphitheater for pictures.  The sky was perfect, overcast, but great light.
Draven was such a good little poser for me.  He's definitely used to being in front of the camera.  He just kept smiling and looking straight at me.  I loved it.

River just wanted his blankie so I wanted to get some cute pictures of him on his blankie.  He wasn't looking at me so Draven got down on the ground with him to help me out.  I love this picture.
Avery and Hallie came along with us and wanted me to get some pictures of them.  I love these girls.
My little cousins are so dang cute!  They're all best friends, too.  It's the cutest thing.
Next up the Hansen family!


Treesa Porter said...

AWESOME photos - and I'm glad to see you've given yourself a name, and your font is soooooo cute! I love you and am so proud you're my baby!

Marvett Smith said...

Great job Kandice! Love the one of mom and dad with the kids behind.