Sunday, October 17, 2010

Corn Maze

We went to the Green Canyon corn maze Saturday night with Cody, Tara and Atty.  I thought it might be haunted and I'm not into being scared.  When ever we go into to a haunted house or something like that, I grab onto the back of Josh's jacket and bury my face in his back.  I do NOT like being scared.  I think it's from going to too many haunted houses with all my friends when we were in high school.  The one that was in the old Ogden mall was the scariest!  I remember being in the last room before the exit once and the guy had a chain saw.  Everyone else got out but I was stuck cowering on the floor while he held the chain saw above my head, I was so scared!  I know the chain wasn't actually on the chain saw and that they aren't supposed to touch you but it still scared me!  We did that to ourselves over and over for years!
Anyway, we get to the corn maze and Tara, being prepared, got some glow sticks out of her trunk.  We each got two.  We waited in line, hearing the screams coming from inside.  Yep, it was haunted!  It wasn't very cold, luckily.  We got inside and had lots of fun.  It wasn't too scary and we made it out in about and hour and a half.  There was a creepy couple who would just stand in one spot in the maze, they freaked me out.  The boys thought they were a couple in the maze, but Tara and I still think they were part of the maze scaring people.  Then we came out of one of the tunnels they have you walk through and there was a guy in a Scream mask in my peripheral vision, I turned my head the other way and kept walking.  Then Josh says "hey Kandice, there's a guy here who needs directions".  Nope, not gonna look at him, so he starts bumping up against me as I keep walking.  He finally left me alone, not funny.  I know, I'm a baby!
When we got out, we started playing with the glow sticks and I got some photos.
Then we got a picture in the Tarzan and Jane painting.
It was lots of fun and lots of laughs!


Callaways said...

I got the side of them... check out the chick... her hair is black!!!!! It's NOT the two who came out after us... WE WERE RIGHT!!!!

Marvett Smith said...

Love the pics! I'm not into being scared either!