Monday, October 25, 2010

Number 1 Turns 2 & Number 2 Turns 1

Since Branson and Gavin's birthday's are 3 days apart Jade & Brittiney had a big birthday party for both of them.  Branson turned 2 and Gavin turned 1.  Gavin loved the big  balloons and loved running around with them.  Branson loved playing basketball with Josh, Chelsie and Brian.
We had ate lunch and then sang "Happy Birthday" to the boys and had cake and ice cream.  Gavin didn't really know  what to do with the cake at first but then loved getting messy.
Branson wasn't so much into making a mess.  He has never liked having his fingers sticky and the kid doesn't eat very well.  He thought it was more fun to wipe it in his hair.
After cake it was time for  presents!!  They got so many fun toys, books and movies!
I  love my little nephews and can't believe they are 1 and 2 already!  Time flies by way too fast!


Marvett Smith said...

They are just so cute! Love the cake smeared everywhere!

Treesa Porter said...

Love those boys!! Love your pics! Love you!!!