Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busy Salt Lake Weekend Day 1

With all of our lazy weekends lately, we finally got a busy one. Josh's cousin was getting married on Saturday up at Snowbird. They didn't invite any of the cousins, just the aunts and uncles, so Josh was going with his mom and I was going to stay with Shannon's kids while she and Arnold went to the wedding, too.

Well our plans got changed Friday afternoon when I found out that DJ had been rushed to Primary Children's Hospital from Alta View hospital because he was having a hard time breathing and was gasping for air. He had a cough while going to bed Thursday night and woke Shannon up at 1 am saying his tummy hurt. Shannon's cure-all is to take a "tubby", so she put him in the bath tub to see if that helped him. When she was getting him out of the tub he started gasping for air and couldn't breath. She woke Arnold up and he hurried and threw some clothes on DJ and Shannon rushed him to Alta View Hospital. In the ER they told her it was life threatening and they were going to have to "bag" him, put in a breathing tube. They decided that they could do more him up at Primary Children's so they rushed him up there in an ambulance.

They did a lot of testing on him and couldn't figure out what was going on. They thought it may be an allergic reaction to something, but he hadn't had any milk which is the only allergy we know he has. They had given him 2 adult doses of steriods to open his bronchioles up so he could breath which just made the boy bounce off the walls, then had to give him a sedative so he would calm down. They also had to pull some fluid from behind his ears by putting a tube down his nose which wasn't so pleasant from what I heard. They had to hold him down, poor boy. I wanted to go down and see my bub on Friday night but the doctors had him quarantined and told Shannon that only one parent could be in there at a time so that DJ didn't get excited. They tested him for the swine flu and we had to wait to get the primary results from that which was negative but they still sent it for a culture to see if it popped up.

Friday night was a bad night for him, he started having a hard time breathing again so they put him on 3 liters of oxygen and his O2 saturation was in the low 80's. They had to give him more steriods. One time when they came in to give him his medicine he said "No yuck" then turned to the doctor and said "You suck." He obviously was sick of being there. When I talked to him on the phone Friday night he told me he wanted to go home to see Noah, his big brother.
They released DJ on Sunday morning saying he had had a severe asthma attack. He's never had asmtha before but now has to be on daily medicine for it.
So Shannon didn't get to go to the wedding, I went in her place. It was beautiful up there with the mountains as the backdrop. The girl Josh's cousin married is kind of an earthy, hippie girl. She wanted to wear a tie-dyed dress but wore a gorgeous white silk dress. Her hair is dreaded and she had flowers all over in it. She looked gorgeous! They seem so in love, I'm so happy for them.
They danced back down the aisle, it was adorable. We all sat outside for a while talking with the aunts and uncles and the cousins who were there. One side of the hotel facing the mountains was a giant wall of windows and the reflection of the mountains and trees was beautiful.

Josh' s mom and her brother and sisters, that were there.
Josh and I with the cousins who were there and Josh's uncle Don.
We had a yummy buffet dinner, then the toasts that the parents of the bride and groom gave and toasts from the sisters and brother of the bride and groom. After that the had the first dance and the dances with the father of the bride and bride and the mother of the groom and groom, then eveybody danced. I couldn't get Josh to come dance with me so Rosie and I were dancing with everybody. I knew that Josh's cousin Marla wanted to dance with Josh so I was sneaky and asked her to go get Josh knowing he wouldn't tell her no. He wasn't very happy about it, but was a good sport.There was a waterfall in the mountains up there.
And the beautiful sunset on the way home.

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