Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun In The Sun: St. George Trip

Our trip to St. George finally came! We left early Friday morning. Our AC went out with about two hours left of our drive, it was horribly hot in our car! But we were so excited to get to hang with Cody, Tara and Atticus for the weekend. We went to Sand Hollow reservoir when we got down there to go out on the lake with Cody's parents' boat. It was so fun and the sun felt so good. I didn't get on the tube or try to water ski because I'm a baby and don't like being thrown off something into the water. Josh gave it a try though. He went with Cody and by himself. Atty and Cody also got out on the tube. That reservoir is so nice. We stopped to swim for a while where the water was 7 ft deep. We could see to the bottom where we were so that made me feel better, I don't like not seeing what's below me. The water was warm and we had lots of fun. We left after we started getting too warm and went back to the house to get showered, then we went to the county fair to meet up with one of Tara's cousins, who I went to school with. It was an interesting fair, they had bears in a cage just pacing around in a circle and a big bear that you could have your picture taken with. I felt bad for the poor things. They also had a boxing ring set up and there were really little kids in there boxing each other with their parents cheering them on. We got a slushy and then decided to head home for the night. We went swimming in the community pool where Cody's parents live. The pool was too cold for Tara and I but the boys had fun jumping off the cliffs. We got in the hot tub for a minute but the water was almost too hot for us.
We got up and ready on Saturday to go back out on the lake again. It was really crowded so it was kind of hard to get around the lake pulling someone behind you. Josh didn't get on the tube or try to ski or wakeboard because he was really sore from the day before. He also got this horrible bruise from the tube from being thrown off or from bouncing on it, I'm not sure.
Cody and Atty got on the tube, though. Atty was teasing Tara saying that she couldn't throw him off the tube so she drove the boat while he was on the tube and she threw him off a couple of times and the kid got some major air. We had so much fun out there. Went to shore to swim again but the water was way too cold for Tara and I, the boys swam though.
We went back home to get showered. The guys played Risk with Cody's dad for a while, it got pretty heated...all the betrayal! They had fun though. After their game they all took a nap and Tara and I ran to Target to get some treats, lotion for our sunburns and some anti freeze for our car. Then we stopped and got some yummy frozen custard, lemon and oreo. Josh put the anti freeze in our car and the AC was working again!
That night we went on a hike where the settlers got the lava rock to put beneath the St. George temple because it was a swamp, they had to take those rocks a long way.Then we went to see District 9. It was so weird and gross. We didn't know what to say about the movie for a while after we left, we were speechless.
We got up Sunday morning and got ready to head back out on the road for the long ride home. The boys played Risk again before we left. On the way out of town, we stopped to look out over the city from a very big rock. It was really cool.
Our AC quit working again on the way out of St. George so we were pretty hot on the way home. Luckily it was getting cooler the further north we went.
It was such a fun little getaway, we had a blast. I hate coming back to real life but it was good to see our furbabies. My dad was great and stayed with them while we were gone, I don't think they missed us, they love him!


Treesa Porter said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time. It is good to get away once in a while isn't it? Love you guys

Bowler Family said...

I show hear you on the part about coming home to real life! You guys are such a cute couple! I haven't been to St. George forever. Cody and I had some fun times there when we were first married! By the way, I love your hair!

Vicki said...

Hey I don't like being thrown from things,or wip lash either. You guys are really good at the extended arm pics we have a few of those too there great! I love little weekend trips. We live in such a great area to be able to do those kind of trips in just a weekend.

Kenna said...

Hi Kandice,

I cannot thank you enough for your comment. Really. Would you believe that I have had just the worst day? I'm sure you know what those feel like. Your comment brought me to tears, but the good kind. The kind that remind me maybe some good will come out of what I experience.

You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your struggle with me. I oft times feel an instant connection with women who have experienced similar things. We ARE connected.

We are totally online bff's now.

So, I know we just met and all, but I'm wondering if you read my post about the book I am writing. I would love for you, if you felt comfortable sharing your experiences, to be involved. We need women like you to be involved.

Again, thank you. You have touched my heart and I needed it. You have been an answer to prayers today.


the Provident Woman said...

Looks like it was a fun trip (except the bruise.)

TeamGornold said...

i am glad you guys had fun. i am glad we work together tomorrow. i sent you a message on facebook about said drama, but i guess you never got it! see you all too soon!

Jessie said...

Love little trips out of town! You guys always have such a good time it looks like, we need to get together!!! Even if it's just lunch...miss ya.