Friday, August 7, 2009

I Love Technology & What Happened To The Sun?

I love technology. I love what it puts at my finger tips daily. I love being on the internet for hours, checking up on all my blogs and looking at anything that happens to cross my mind. Any information I want is right there in a matter of seconds, finding out who was in what movie and what other movies they've been in on IMDb, the celebrity gossip on TMZ, how to make anything I want and watch any music video or hilarious comedians on YouTube. And taking thousands of pictures with my digital camera, not having to wait for them to get developed and wondering if they are going to turn out good. How amazing technology is.
On Wednesday when I got home from work, Josh was studying his school work and said he had gotten an email from Ben asking if he would get on the Google video chat in a few minutes because his daughter, Aurora, wants to hear Josh sing his "Ringo Bingo" song. Ben, Ilaria and Aurora are in Switzerland while Ilaria's dad battles stage 4 rectal cancer and Josh has talked to them a couple of times on video chat and sang "Ringo Bingo" for Aurora and she loved the song and loved seeing Ringo. I haven't been able to see them until Wednesday and we talked and sang songs to each other for over an hour. We haven't seen them for a couple of years so it was so good to see them. It's amazing that someone can be half way around the world but because of technology you can still see and talk to them every day.

When I got off work yesterday afternoon, the sky was kind of pink and hazy and it was really windy and looked like a rain storm was coming in. I went to dinner and shopping with my mom last night and as we got to El Sol's the sun was blanketed by smoke because apparently the world was on fire around us. Later, a lady in Michael's said there were 50-100 fires between Bountiful and Cache Valley. When we came out of Michael's we couldn't even see the mountains around us anymore, they were covered by smoke.
Here's what the sun looked like as we went into El Sol, and yes, the sky really was that color, too.

And here's what it looked like when we came out of dinner, you could see the smoke billow around in front of it.

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