Thursday, August 6, 2009

Salt Lake: Day 2

While we were at Tyler's wedding on Saturday, we met a neighbor of Josh's Uncle John's. His wife of 32 years had just passed away unexpectedly and they were having a celebration of life for her on Sunday. Uncle John told him about Josh's singing and guitar playing and asked that Josh maybe sing a song or two the next day at the celebration. Josh, of course, said he would love to do it for him. So we headed down to Salt Lake again Sunday morning. We met Josh's mom at the new church history museum. We only got to see one level of it because of the time but it was really cool. I really want to go back and see the rest of it. We got to see what the bunks were like on the emigrant ships and they had the old baptismal font from the Logan temple. We also watched a video about the Mormon Battalion. They have so many interesting, personal belongings of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and a lot of others in that museum. It was so fun, we'll definitely be going back.Then we headed down to Sandy to see Shannon and the kids since we didn't see DJ in the hospital the day before. You would never guess the sweet little boy who I say had just spent 2 days in the hospital. He was CRAZY! He couldn't sit still, he wanted me to show him how to do cart wheels and come see this and that and throw the ball. Those steriods seriously made him so hyper. He started playing baseball with Elizabeth's new kitty, Marley's, toy. He just kept saying "batter, batter, swing!", he just couldn't hold still. Shannon finally broke down and got Elizabeth a cat, even though Shannon is allergic to them. Elizabeth LOVES cats and is so happy to have Marley.
We headed back up to the avenues for the celebration of life. There were so many people there and it was outside in the heat. The woman was buddhist, so they did the buddhist ceremony with chanting and lighting incense, it was interesting. Then people got up to talk about what a great mother and person she was, and all the help she has given people through out her life. Her husband had forgotten to ask Josh to come up to sing so Josh went and put his guitar away. We were ready to go home when a man came up and said they were ready for Josh to sing, so he got his guitar back out but as he did his guitar case broke and sliced his finger open. We scrambled to find Band-Aids for him to play. He was going to play a couple of songs but only played one because he sliced open his middle finger on the hand he plays the chords on and it was hurting. We thought we were going to have to take him to get stitches, but it was okay once we got home. Thank Goodness!


the larsons said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!! Next time you are in SLC you should let us know.. we would love to see you:) Oh... and I just sent your mom an invite to our blog:) XOXO~

Callaways said...

looks like you guys are crazy busy this last weekend... and will be NEXT weekend too!!! glad you guys got to get out... hello nice warm, awesome St. George!!