Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pioneer Day

We didn't do much to celebrate the pioneers coming to Utah, we were lazy...AGAIN. I went to Brigham after work on Friday for my grandpa's birthday party BBQ. Josh had to work, my mom was in Spanish Fork seeing her mom and sisters, so it was just my dad and me. It was lots of fun though. It was good to spend time with my dad. We don't do it very often, I really enjoyed it and learned lots about my dad and the dangers he used to get into at work back in his seismographing days.
I had to work the weekend so Josh and I didn't stay up too late, we didn't even watch the fireworks. I could hear them as I was lying in bed though.
We did go out and play with sparklers for a little bit until the mosquitos were attacking Josh and making him angry.


Treesa Porter said...

Those pictures are SOOOOO cool!

I am so glad you got to have a nice time with your dad. He had a good time too.

Love you

Benjamin said...

A hormone is secreted in the blood when a person becomes angry. Mosquitos LOVE the taste of it!

the larsons said...

Hey girlie~

Yeah.. I saw him when he was with Deirks too.. that was a few years ago! It was definitely a good concert:) I am glad you had a great and lazy 24th!! I love hearing all of the stories that my dad has about him and your dad when they were younger! You should ask your dad about when my dad lost his car and found it on some railroad ties.. I was dying of laughter!!