Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Sister's Wedding Weekend

This weekend was the wedding weekend for my little sister. The girls all got together on Friday afternoon to get mani-pedis done. It was really fun to spend the time with all us girls getting pampered. Branson came with all us girls, the poor boy! He was pretty good though. Then that night we went to the Mandarin Garden for dinner with the two families. Their wedding was at Mack Park and we had a rehearsal lunch on Saturday morning, we went through the wedding and helped get things set up. The people Chelsie and Brian hired to do the decorations were really good, the decorated the park so cute. Branson has started trying to crawl within the last couple of days. It's adorable watching him get up on his hands and knees and try to crawl! Then the wedding FINALLY came!! It was beautiful. It was kind of stressful to begin with. The wedding started an hour, that's right, ONE HOUR late because we were waiting for a very special guest to get there. Brian's best friend, Rooks, is in the Navy and has been deployed. Brian really wanted him to be his best man but Rooks wouldn't be able to do it because of his deployment. Well, Rooks called Chelsie a while ago and said that his ship was going to dock in Washington on Friday and he was going to drive as fast as he could to be here by 3 pm and he wanted it to be a surprise for Brian. He didn't end up getting there until about 4 pm. Brian was starting to get worried thinking that maybe Chelsie was getting cold feet didn't want to go through with the wedding, poor guy! We felt so bad for the officiator and all the guests who were sitting there in the heat for an extra hour. It was really special to have him there so it was totally worth it.

The lil Ring Bearer

Chelsie and her girls

Brian and his boys

Big Sister Love

It was a beautiful day! Chelsie and Brian, we wish you nothing but the best. We're so happy you found each other. We love you both.


Bowler Family said...

So fun!! I can't believe Chelsie is all grown up! SHe looks so beautiful! What a perfect day!

Vicki said...

This made my eyes water ;) What beautiful colors she had for her wedding, tell her i said congradulations!