Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Josh and I were lazy this weekend. We went to the pool and got some sun with Cody, Tara, and Atticus on Friday afternoon. It feels so good laying out in the warm sunshine. We didn't do much on Saturday, just hung out together which is my favorite thing to do!
Here's what our front room looked like Saturday night, we're all lazy!

Our cute furbabies
Then Josh and I decided to start playing with the shutter speed on our camera and his computer mouse. It was quite entertaining for me!
We went to see Harry Potter today with the Cody, Tara, Atty and Drew. The movie was good but they left a lot of important things out and wrote in some stuff that didn't happen in the book. Josh and I started reading the book again about a week ago. I've finished it, but together we're about half way done with it. I remember when we were first reading the book together, when it came to the part where Dumbledore dies I couldn't finish reading it. I was sobbing so Josh had to finish it while he was crying, too! That part in the movie wasn't all that great and they changed the whole scene around. I haven't been disappointed by a Harry Potter movie until this one, I mean it was still good but I think they could have done a lot better.
After the movie, we went to the pool again. It was really hot and we were only there for about 45 minutes.
It was a nice, relaxing weekend. Now I guess it's back to work. I hate work!


Callaways said...

i second the motion, on work, and the movie.. it was good, but the book was SSOOO much better... now for another monday.. barf!!!

J Nelle's Creations said...

hey I would love to make one for you. What size does she wear? if you could measure from her chest (like where a tube top would go) to the length you want, that would be the best fit and then around her chest size too. let me know what colors or such and I can get it done ASAP. You are so cute, looks like life is great for you! You deserve it!

Peltier Family said...

What?!? Dumbledore dies?!? Thanks for RUINING the movie for me!