Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tara's Birthday

Last night Cody and Tara invited Josh and I to celebrate Tara's birthday. We went down to Salt Lake to go to Red Lobster and got to Temple Square to see the lights. We had so much fun with them. Red Lobster was yummy and the service was great! It seems like every time we go out with Cody and Tara something goes wrong. This time was so good. Our food was yummy and we got it pretty quick, we didn't have to wait forever. I think our luck is changing!Then we went to Temple Square, along with the rest of Utah, I think. Temple Square itself wasn't too bad but the parking was ridiculous!! I guess the Tabernacle Choir was putting on a Christmas concert so there was no parking. We had to park in Egypt and walk down some not so safe streets. It was a lot of fun though and not too cold. There aren't as many lights this year, though.

Thanks for inviting us guys, thanks for dinner, thanks for the memories! It was lots of fun!

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Callaways said...

glad you guys could come and hang... it was a great birthday.... and the best service we've had yet!!!