Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Little Christmas Party

December is a busy month in our family. We have a Christmas party every weekend, that's what you get when you have 4 sets of grandparents!! We were supposed to go down to Spanish Fork to my Grandma Pat's party on Saturday and then to Redmond to my Grandpa Christensen's on Sunday but because of the snow storm we didn't go. So we went up to my parents' house on Saturday to have our own little Christmas Party.We had dinner and watched Christmas Vacation. That is one of my favorite holiday movies and it's a tradition in our family to watch it at least once during the Christmas season. Jade and Brit rode up with us and we had lots of fun just hanging out. Branson is getting so big and is getting strong at holding his head up. He is also trying to suck his thumb (like his daddy did until he was 8!). He kept trying to stick his whole hand in his mouth and was sucking so loudly, we were laughing pretty hard at him!
He is also starting to smile more now when he is awake, especially when his momma changes his diaper. He used to hate to have his diaper changed and would scream but know I guess he likes it! Uncle Josh loves to hold him, until he cries, then he's done!We missed seeing our family that we would have seen if it weren't for the snow, but we had a good time with our little family.
Here's what our backyard looked like after it was done snowing. The dogs don't like it and I don't either. Except Ringo does like to eat the ice chunks, I know, he's weird.


slap said...

sounds like quite a storm. we didn't get that much snow until Sunday AM. great party, cute baby! Can't wait to meet him Christmas Eve!!! luv ya tons!

Benjamin said...

Wrinkles is soooo cute! I want more pictures of her on your blog!


You're right... Ringo is weird, but that's what makes him so lovable :).