Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Eplileptic Boy

On Wednesday afternoon, Ringo had his 5th seizure that we know of. Josh and I were sitting on the couch and Ringo got off one couch to come get on the other couch with us when I noticed he was acting weird. He got up in between us and we realized he was going into one. We just pet him and kept telling his it was okay. We've gotten pretty good at staying calm when he is having a seizure, the first time was so dang scary! It was Mother's Day a couple of years ago and Josh and I just cried while he was having it. We didn't know what was happening. It lasted about 5 minutes and it was terrifying. This one was the longest so far, it lasted about 10 minutes.
The vet has told us that Dalmatians are known to be eplileptic. This is what he looks like after he's done. He just passes out, after he gets a bone of course!!

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