Sunday, December 21, 2008

Early Christmas

We celebrated Christmas early this year with my family. My little sister came home for the weekend so we did Christmas yesterday before we went to my Grandma's Christmas party. It was so fun hanging out with my fam, I love them all so much. We all got together at Jade and Brit's house in between their work schedules and it worked out really well. We all got some great gifts from our parents. They got all of us girls a hoodie and got the boys a drill set. My mom made us all a book about the story of our relationships with our spouses. They are so cute. My mom also made one for my dad about their relationship and all of us kids and he was so touched by it. It was sweet. Then for the big present my parents got Jade & Brit and Chelsie & Brian a new camera and it is awesome! They got us a gift card to Best Buy! Then Branson opened his presents, he is so cute!We laid Branson in the middle of all of his presents and he wasn't quite sure what to think!

Then we all went to my Grandma Lowe's Christmas party. Brittiney dressed Branson in his little Christmas outfit and he was so cute!
Santa came to the party and all the kids sat on his lap and then it was Branson's turn.Josh and I got two blankets and a new knife set from my Grandma. After the party was over with Josh and I hurried to Best Buy so we could buy the things we wanted. We both got a table to put our laptops on while we sit on the couch or in bed with them. They're great! Josh got a new mouse and I got an external hard drive. I'm so excited to transfer all my pictures and digi scrap stuff on to that! Now I just need my new camera and we both need new laptops!:) Yeah right! That won't be happening for a while but hopefully I'll get my new camera for my birthday!

I took Friday off work and am so glad I did because it snowed ALL day long and I LOVE being home when it's snowing! We went out to shovel and these cute birdie prints were on my porch.

It was a great weekend and was so fun to spend time with my family and to spend the weekend with Josh!


Callaways said...

Looks like fun, and that snow storm was crazy... There is so much. Yucky... glad you guys got some great stuff for Christmas. I keep trying to talk the boys into opening their stuff early... It's just too hard to wait.

slap said...

I'm glad you've had such a great weekend. I heard the party at Gloria's was fun. Hope to c-ya Christmas Eve. Are you guys coming????

Callaways said...

the video should work now.