Thursday, July 12, 2012

Disneyland {Part 4}

Noah and Arnold left early the next morning to get back to Utah for a baseball tournament.  So we slept in a little and just wanted to take it easy on our last day in Disneyland and go ride our favorite rides.  We had breakfast in the Paradise Pier's character breakfast restaurant.  We got our picture with Mickey and got our table and waited for the other characters to come by our table.
We were getting ready to leave and DJ kept eyeing all of the cast members to see who he could trade pins with.  The nicest lady came by and he asked her and of course she has to say yes.  So he started looking at her's and saw one he liked.  He went to give her one of his and she told him not to trade that pin because it was a special pin that they don't make many of the ones that have a little Mickey silhouette on them, I think they are special for cast members or something.  She was so nice.  And he is so cute!
We went to Toon Town first and to work our way towards the front of the park.  We stopped to see if we could get on Indiana Jones.  As I walked up to the line, they told us the ride was shut down...again!  I told them we had been trying for the past 3 days to ride this ride, they told me that maybe it was me and needed to quit trying.  Nice.  So we looked around a souvenir shop and I saw the line moving!  So we hurried over there and were able to finally ride it!  It was a fun ride!
We met up with Teresa and Ronan in Toon Town at Goofy's house and let the kids play a little bit.
This is Elizabeth, she's done playing on the boat while the boys are still playing with the periscope and the wheel.  She'd rather play games on her iPod.
We rode the roller coaster in Toon Town and walked around a little, then got some lunch before we had to drop Lu off for a dance class.  We got some more pins for DJ at one of the souvenir shops, so while we were eating he was rearranging the pins.  The kid has some serious pinage after only 2 days!
This sign cracked me up.
Elizabeth went to put some make up on before she went to her dance class, and got it all over herself!  She was so cute and so much fun!  
One of DJ's favorite pins.  
This was right before DJ got seriously mad at me.  We both had to go to the bathroom so we went together. Him being 7 years old, I made him go in the girls bathroom with me.  I didn't want him to go in the boys by himself, you can't trust anyone anymore.  He was so mad at me, it broke my heart to make him cry.  Then Shannon had to have the talk with him about people who like to touch little boys.  It was awesome.
To make it better, I told him I would go on Space Mountain with them.  They had already been on it on one of the other days and I sat it out.  I remember it as a kid and it freaked me out, something about being on a roller coaster (first thing I didn't think I liked) in the dark (second thing I don't like) scared me.  But to make him happy again, I reluctantly agreed.
I took a picture of my impending doom with my iPod since I put my big girl camera away.  I was scared.
We walk all the way inside and I made DJ ride with me since I was riding this ride for him.  Where do we get?  The very front.  I was terrified.  But it was actually fun!
We hurried back to get Elizabeth from her dance class.  The teacher told her she was a fighter and to keep it up. They were practicing double and triple pirouettes and they were all falling out of releve, but she kept fighting to stay up.  
We walked over to California Adventure and went shopping at the shops over there.  I got some cute shirts and Josh a hat.  We were exhausted and wanted to play at the pool at the hotel so we said good bye to Disneyland and headed back to the hotel.  The weather was starting to get chilly and we froze at the pool.  But we rode the slide a few time and then all huddled in the hot tub!  DJ was starting to get wheezy so we went back up to the room after about 20 minutes and chilled out for the rest of the evening to get ready for our early flight out in the morning.
It was such a fun trip.  I'm so glad they invited me to go with them.  These kids are probably the closest I will  have to my own so I was happy to just share in this experience with them.  And they got me to ride roller coasters.  Successful trip!

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