Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Disneyland { Part 3 }

The next day we met Teresa in Bug's Life as she was getting fast passes for the new Cars ride.  There were so many fast passes going out that our time wasn't until 10pm and it was just after 9am.  It was the 4th of July though and I was really excited to see the World of Color show.  We didn't see it last time we were there so I really wanted to make sure we saw it.  Luckily, our fast pass time wasn't until after the show! 
The kids and Arnold wanted to go on the Tower of Terror.  I've already experienced that nightmare of a ride so Shannon and I passes while they went.  They all loved it and said I was a chicken for not going on it, I told them I know.
 The kids met Minnie Mouse after the ride.  She's so cute!
Then we rode the Grizzly Rapids and got soaking.wet.  Seriously.  And it was just the way Shannon wanted to start the day!  I love that ride!  We had to stop in the store that they have right next to the ride to get a change of clothes for Shannon and Elizabeth.  They were both the most wet and both in levis.  
We walked over to the Little Mermaid ride and dried off a little.
 Then we made our way over to California Screamin'.  We saw Donald Duck on our way over.  Right as we  were next in line to get our picture with Donald, he had to go make a phone call to Daisy so we had to wait for a few minutes.  So the photographer let us take some pictures of the family and then she wanted to get a picture of the kids.  They are just the cutest.
Then it was time to ride California Screamin'.  Oh my, I was so scared.  But I figured I rode Splash Mountain the day before so I could do this one, too....I loved it!  I was so glad Lu wanted to be my riding buddy and we were scared at first together and then we were laughing together as we were riding it. 
Then we wandered down the Paradise Pier boardwalk.  We came upon the games they had and of course our baseball loving boys wanted to play!
First they played to water guns.
Noah won that game first.
Elizabeth was ready to win the next one!
But DJ won the second game.
Then they played Casey At The Bat.
Then they moved on to SkeeBall.
Where we won Bulls Eye...and Arnold got to carry the prizes!  
As we walked around to the other side of the pier, we met Jessie.
We rode Goofy's Flight School and then headed back over to the front of California Adventures.  As we were going past Grizzly Rapids (where we started our morning rides), I noticed Noah, Lu, Shannon and Arnold in front of me then looked down.  No DJ.  Looked all around me, No DJ!  I asked Shannon where he was and she looked around and didn't see him either.  I panicked and then headed back where we were just walking.  As I got to the falls of the Grizzly Rapids, I saw that cute little boy with his neon green shirt with a security staff member.  DJ was crying, and so was I.  I knelt down and he ran into my arms, I hugged him so tight.  I was terrified and so was he.  Then Shannon and Arnold got to us.  Arnold told him to make sure to stay with us and hold hands.  He was so scared and didn't let go of whoever's hand he was holding while we were walking around that park for the rest of the trip.
We rode Soarin' Over California, one of my favorites!
As you can see by the smiles on the kids faces, losing DJ kind of put a damper on the mood while we waited in line for Soarin'.
Then went to go get something to eat.  While Arnold was in line for food, Shannon and I walked over to go through Off The Page.  It's such an awesome store.
Then it was time to go drop Lu and Noah off to get ready to dance.  While we waiting for their dance teachers to get there, we went and rode Monster's Inc.  Such a cute ride!
Noah and Lu went with their teachers and DJ wanted to go ride California Screamin' again while we waited for the hour or so til they performed.  So he and I walked back over there and the line was really short.  For it being the 4th of July, the park was surprisingly not very crowded.  So we rode the ride 3 times back to back.  I wanted to vomit by the 3rd one, it's so fun though!
We started walking back to where Noah and Lu were dancing and stopped at the fish basket for a picture of DJ.  He's just so cute!
Then we stopped to get DJ a new cooler lanyard to put his pins on and a new pin, just cause I love him so much!  I bought him the Skater Mickey with the mohawk pin to match his new hat.
Then we went back to watch the dances.
Noah was first with his Hip Hop performance.  I haven't had the chance to watch him dance this year so I was really excited for him!  And he did so good!
Then Lu came out.  She got to do 2 dances and her solo.  She did awesome!  I love watching her perform!
 They both did so great!  There was a couple next to us who talked about how great Elizabeth was while she was dancing, after the performances were over and they realized she was ours they just went on and on about how much they enjoyed watching her dance!
The Muppets in 3D was right next to where they danced so we went to watch that.  Josh and I both thought it was so cute the last time we were there and I thought the kids would enjoy it, too.  I love the little staging area you wait in before you go in for the show!  And the kids really liked it!
I love this cute family!
 The back of Grizzly Rapids
 We headed over to the other side of the pier to ride California Screamin' again and then went to Toy Story Midway Mania!  We love that ride!  The lines are always so long and there are no fast passes for it, but it's worth it!  It's a 3D arcade game and is so fun!
 Shannon and Arnold went to get us a spot for the World of Color show and the kids and I went on California Screamin' a few more times.  By our last ride we were all a little queasy!
 We found Shannon and got to our spot for the show.  Paradise Pier is so pretty lit up at night!  And I was so excited for the show!
 I was bummed not to see the fireworks for the 4th of July at Cinderella's Castle but the World of Color totally delivered an awesome patriotic tribute!  DJ was tired and couldn't see very well so he was on my back for all of the show.  I love that kid so much!  My hips paid for it the next day, they were pretty sore!
 The World of Color!
 The Little Mermaid
 Finding Nemo
 Toy Story
 Lady and the Tramp
 Snow White
 Sleeping Beauty
 Fantasia Mickey
 It was so cool!  Then we were on a mission to get to Cars Land to ride our fast pass ride!  Radiator Springs is just awesome!
 The Radiator Springs Racers is such an awesome ride!  It's just a nice drive through the desert of Radiator Springs.
 Then you go in to get new tires and a check up and line up for the race.  Once the next car lines up next to you, you just take off and it's so fast and fun!
 It was such a long, but fun day!  We got back to the room around 11 and were hungry.  So we ordered room service.  The kids and I fell asleep before the food got to our room!  We were so beat!

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Marvett Smith said...

I'm so jealous! We were there at this time last year and I've been having withdrawals! Fabulous pictures!