Sunday, May 12, 2013

Seriously, I Get To Celebrate Mother's Day!

Up until 5 months ago, Mother's Day has been a hard, bitter-sweet day.  My heart still aches for those who are hoping and praying to receive the blessing to be a mom.  I honestly never thought I would get that blessing in this life.  But, today has a totally different meaning to me now that I actually am going to be a mom.  I just can't believe that my one dream for the past 9 years is coming true.
We had a great day.  We got up early and headed down to Salt Lake to see Josh's mom.  She has had a rough couple of weeks.  Josh's younger brother has had some health problems lately.  He had a seizure a few weeks ago and fell backward during it onto a concrete floor.  He was taken to McKay Dee and was diagnosed with a brain bleed.  He then was admitted to the U of U on Wednesday this week because he was so lethargic.  The doctors thought he had viral meningitis at first, then after running a few more tests over the past few days have discovered that he still has the brain bleed and that he has blood clots in his brain and one in his lumbar spine.  They told us yesterday that his half of his heart isn't working properly and it appears he has had a heart attack recently.  They took him in for surgery yesterday to place a stent in his heart but once they were in there, they decided he didn't need one.  Just that his heart is weak and isn't working properly.  So he is going to be in the hospital for a few more days while he starts cardiac rehab and exercises to strengthen his heart.  Along with all of that, her dog Chucky died yesterday.  They have had him for 17 years and lived a lot longer than we all thought he would.  So Rosie hasn't had the best time lately.  She sent Josh the saddest text message last night saying that she has just been holding Chucky and crying for a few hours wondering what the point of this life is.  Then she looked at the ultrasound picture of our baby Lennon and remembered what the point was.  Josh and I were both in tears.
This little baby boy is so special to us.  He has allowed for so much healing for me and now my Rosie.
We drove back home, picked up the hot dogs from our house to take up to my mom and dad's house for a BBQ.  We forgot the hot dogs and buns as we left.  We got a half a block away from our house and realized, so we hurried and turned around because I said Ringo has probably gotten to them, not thinking that he would in that short period of time.  I walked in the house and he was chowing down on some hot dog buns.  He only got 2 of them, thankfully.  He is such a naughty dog.  We got up to my parents' and had a yummy BBQ with my Grandma, brother, sister, dad and most importantly, my mom.  It was absolutely beautiful outside and the burger and hot dog tasted so good! The baby started moving while we were sitting there and my mom got to feel him for the first time!
I'm so grateful for my little baby bump, to feel my son move ( I still can't believe I get to say MY SON) and to have the wonderful moms ( family & friends) in my life.  It was a great pre-Mother's Day!


Nicole said...

SOOO happy for you Kandice! What a miracle! I'm so overjoyed you are feeling him move & has the reassurance that he is growing inside of you! Motherhood is beyond amazing! It is the BEST, beyond, best thing in the world! No matter what you'd be an amazing mom, but with your struggles, you are going to appriciate him EVEN more, & be an outstanding Mommy :) Congrats again!!!!

byebyedays said...

Can't think of anyone more deserving! Congrats Kandice, I'm so happy for you guys! Little boys are so amazing... You will see! ;)

Vicki said...

Lennon I love it!! Your awesome.