Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day At Work

Here are some pictures of our crew at work, all greened out for St. Patty's Day.  Dr. Astle gets so excited to see us all dressed up now matter what holiday it is.  We took a picture of us all on St. Patty's last year and he wanted to make sure we did it again this year so he went home during lunch and got his camera for our "family photo".
We had one patient who came in wearing a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" hoodie and I told him I liked it and he said, "good, can I have a kiss?"  I was surprised at first but then told him no because I didn't think my husband would like that very much...awkward!
Tara, Me, Trudy
Dr. Costa, Dr. Goble, Nicole, Tara, Trudy, Me, Dr. Astle and Dr. Welter.
I love where I work and the people I work with everyday!

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