Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jazz vs Thuggets...

I called my mom Wednesday morning on my way to work and told her about an awesome deal on Jazz tickets that Josh had heard about.  We both said how we wished we could go.  Later that morning my mom texted me and said we got the tickets and they were 18th row!  She bought them for us all to go as part of my dad's birthday present.  So Thursday night was the game against the Thuggets (Nuggets).  I was so excited to go see the new team play, even though we haven't been playing very well lately.
So I left work a little early so we could get down there.  We stopped and ate at Cracker Barrel and made our way down to SLC.
I love being at the games, I love the energy and the fans.
Josh and I didn't have anyone sitting in front of us for the whole game until about 9 minutes were left...then this girl comes and sits in front of me and turned around and was waving at her friend to come sit down there by her. Oh, I was annoyed!  Then the other girl finally gets there and those two were more concerned about whoever they knew on the other side of the arena to look at them than they were the game.  I was getting pissed!  First of all I couldn't see the game anymore and they were both waving their arms trying to get someone's attention across the arena!!  The girl in front of Josh was waving her hands like she was landing a freaking plane while on her phone and the girl in front of me was doing "jazz" hands, which I guess were fitting since we were at a Jazz game but I couldn't see the game anymore, only her fingers...and the game was close!  People behind us were yelling at them "sit down, they can't see you!", so then I get into yelling at them to sit down so I could watch the dang game!  My mom and I figured they probably told their husbands they were going to the game, stopped off at a bar to get completely smashed then had to make an appearance at the game.  Oh, I was sooo annoyed!  Finally, with about  2 minutes left in the game, they left.
We lost the game for a lot of reasons but the last play was very controversial.  We were down by 2, KMart was inbounding the ball under the Jazz basket and AK was guarding him.  AK got the ball and was going up for a dunk to tie the game but KMart touched the ball while he was still out of bounds, that should have been a technical.  We should have either got the dunk to tie or AK should have gone to the line to tie.  The refs didn't make the call.  The boo's were so loud in there for both the Thuggets and the refs.
As we were walking out to the car, Josh was telling my parent's how they got to see the mean side of me tonight because of the those girls!  He said now that he's older he "doesn't let things bother him so much", uh yeah right!!  He was just scared I was going to end up getting in a fight with them and he'd have to step in.  Then he always has to tell the story of when we were in SLC during the Olympics in 2002, when I almost got in a fight with some girls.  We had just got done watching Alanis Morissette perform and stopped at the 7-11 on 13th South on our way home to get something to drink.  I had such a bad headache and these girls were yelling so loud in there about something and I had finally had enough and yelled "shut the hell up!".  I'm just a small town girl from Franklin, Idaho and these girls could have totally cleaned the floor with me!  They said something back but we got out of there unscathed.  It's pretty embarrassing.  I'm totally not that girl but push me far enough and I can be.
Anyway, I've decided it's tough to be a Jazz fan, especially this year.  Everything you know and love about your team gets taken away.  But it's always fun being at the game, no matter if they win or lose, and being with my family.  Happy(early)Birthday Dad!!


Marvett Smith said...

Cute pics Kandice, I love your shirt!

Treesa Porter said...

It was so much fun, and a good close game - at least until it was over and they lost. Glad you guys could go and make it special for dad!! You two crack me up. I love ya!

Treesa Porter said...

Oh, by they way, why does it look like my throat has been slit in that picture? Seriously need some plastic surgery and fast!

Kandice said...

No Momma, it's your hair!! You're perfect the way you are!