Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cute Miss Whitney

One of the girl's I know from work asked me to take some pictures of her oh-so-cute 1 year old girl for a website.  I said yes and was terrified for the two weeks before we did them!  I always get nervous when I take pictures for someone else.  I never think I'm good enough and won't give them what they are looking for.  I got a new 50mm 1.8 lens and was really excited to use it for the first time!  I had gone around on Friday after work to scout out some places to do them outside.  The weather was decent and I was hoping it would hold up for the pictures.  Saturday was Fah-reezing!!  So we had to improvise and do them at Angie's.  It worked out pretty well and lil Miss Whitney was so cute.  The website is for hair accessories and was doing a model search for the new faces of their website here.  Tara came with me and brought Morgan's pug, Ebony, to make Whitney smile, she loves dogs.
Here's a few of the ones I liked...
She had so  much fun playing with Ebony and loved giving her treats Tara had brought.
Then we got bubbles out and she loved it!
By the time we were done with them, the floor was so slippery and she was falling down every time she got up!
It was a lot of fun and I'm glad they asked me to take the pictures for them.  I always get so nervous but it was fun and I love learning and getting experience doing something I love.  I got the pictures back to them the next day because they needed to be submitted by the 20th and they both told me how much they liked them.  Success!  We'll see if she wins!

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Rick and Angelia said...

Thanks again for the awesome photos! No news from the site but that is okay, it was fun to take new photos!! Love em!!