Monday, September 27, 2010

My Brother, My Sister-in-Law and Their Beautiful Boys

We wanted to get family pictures for Jade and Brittiney up in the canyon and the 1 and 2 year pictures of the boys in the leaves.  So we went up Cub River looking for pretty places.  We ended up at a spring by Willow Flat.  The leaves were so pretty but really dry.  It was so dusty up there, everything looked like it needed to be sprayed down with the hose!
When we got to the spring, the boys had just fallen asleep.  Branson hadn't had a nap yet so we let them sleep for a bit while we got Jade and Brit's pictures taken.
Then the boys woke up.  Branson needed a little bit more time I think!  He was so crabby!  He kept wanting to find the cows, that's all he cared about and wasn't very cooperative with pictures!
We got some cute pictures of Gavin in the leaves.
It was a crazy, hectic day trying to get decent pictures of these two crazy boys, but it worked out well.  The colors of the leaves and the sunlight was beautiful.
I saw this field on the way up that I wanted to try some pictures in.  The sun wasn't in the best spot but I wanted to try anyway.  Branson wasn't too happy about it but then found some clay pigeons and started playing with them.  Luckily they kept his attention just long enough to get some pictures.
It was fun taking the boys up there and letting them explore.  And thanks to Josh for helping me get Branson to smile when he really didn't want to, you're a life saver!


Bowler Family said...

Great pictures, and what a cute little family!! Happy Fall!!

Marvett Smith said...

Great pictures Kandice! You did an awesome job!

Jessie said...

Your pictures are sooo good! Love the ones at the lake too! xoxoxox