Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Beautiful Day At Bloomington

We have been planning this trip for most of the summer.  My Dad has been going up there for most of his life and it's his idea of heaven so he was so excited to take his kids and grandson's up there.  Chelsie and Brian came home for the weekend to go with us!  We had to get an early start this morning because the LOTOJA bike race was starting at the crack of dawn.  We got up to Franklin a little after 7 in the morning to get everyone.  We had Brittiney and the boys in our car and everyone else rode in Chelsie's.  We were hoping to get to the canyon before they closed the road off for the bikers but we didn't make it.  We got all the way to Riverdale to see that we were too late to make it.  So we had to turn around and go up Logan canyon, we were NOT happy!  As we were going through Preston, we got stopped for about 10 minutes to let bikers turn a corner.  Again, we were not happy!  We finally got over to Bear Lake and stopped at a rest stop since we'd been in the car for a while and let the boys run around for a minute.
It was so cold!  We were getting kind of worried about how cold it was and if it was going to be warm enough up Bloomington.
The drive up there was beautiful.  I was really excited to get up there.  Branson was on the look out for cows and elephants everywhere!  Those are some of his favorite animals along with tigers and loves to look for them and tell us the sounds they make.  He kept us entertained!
We finally got up to the camp/bathroom area and got the kids and everyone ready for the hike into the lake.  I brought extra blankets that came in handy when we put the boys in their stroller because it was so dang cold!  We had to bundle them up!  We got warmed up as we started hiking because the first little bit is straight up hill!  Jade and Brit's poor Winnie The Pooh stroller had to do some off roadin'!
We passed a little lake and a frog swamp.
Then we finally got to the beautiful, breath-taking lake!
It is gorgeous up there!  My Dad wanted to get married up there but they didn't really want to tell their guests they had to hike about 2 miles to get to the lake!  We got some pictures of Chelsie and Brian.
Branson was so happy to be up there.  He ran around everywhere and loved playing with his "Papa".
The rocks were slides.
The beautiful fall colors were starting to come out.  So pretty!
I loved the wild flowers up there!  We need to go up earlier next year to get more of them, my Dad says they are everywhere in July.
My dad, Brian and Josh and I ventured across the log to go hike up the other side of the lake.  It was gorgeous!  We found an awesome campsite.
The view from the other side was so pretty.
It was fun hiking the rocks and listening to my Dad get so excited and wanting to show us everything.
We hiked back to everyone else and hiked back to the camp sites to have some lunch.
We found a place to have our picnic and Branson ran EVERYWHERE!  That boy loved being out in the woods!  Camping is going to be so much fun with those 2 boys next year!  We found a cool tree that made an arch and he went around that tree over and over again saying "house, house", he was so cute!  The boy was in his element!
The boys had some dirt with their licorice...
And they loved every minute of it!
It was so much fun being up there, even though we were freezing for most of the day (it shouldn't be this cold in September)!  Thank you Dad for taking us up there and showing us your favorite spot on Earth!


Treesa Porter said...

Awesome sweetheart! It truly made your dad's whole year to be able to show this beautiful place to all of you! I love you!

Callaways said...

keep going, you're getting caught up right?? I love your pix. you are so good, and take them of the cutest little things... I love the little things.. like flowers, and bone love ya!!!!!!!

Rick and Angelia said...

Beautiful picts! What a beautiful place also! We need to do those family photos. :)

Marvett Smith said...

Great pics! I love the flowers!