Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family Fun at Thanksgiving Point!

We planned a day with all my aunts and cousins to get together at Thanksgiving Point a few months ago and the day finally came!  I took DJ and Elizabeth with me.  I don't spend as much time with them as I would like so  it was great to be with them.
I picked the kids up and got to Lehi about a half hour before everyone else got there so I  decided to take the kids to Cabela's for a bit to see the dead animals.  I told DJ we were going to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point so he was really confused when he walked into Cabela's and saw the dead animals!  They liked looking at all of them for about a minute then they were done!  So we headed to Thanksgiving Point for the family fun!
We got our tickets and got ready to go to see the animals.  DJ and Elizabeth thought this cow was pretty cool.
Elizabeth and River liked looking at the baby chicks, they were so cute!
Then we went outside.  The kids loved petting all the baby goats even though some of them did bite!

The kids loved petting the rabbits.
Branson thought this huge horse was pretty fascinating.  He was scared to touch it though.  But this horse seemed so sweet.  I love petting their soft noses!

Gavin was learning has been learning how to walk and showed off his accomplishment while we were there!
DJ really wanted to go ride the horses, so we finally made our way over there.
Branson thought it was the coolest thing ever to ride the horse.  He screamed and screamed when it was time to get off!

My uncle is one of the head chef's there so he took us on a tour of his kitchen after we were done eating at their little deli, which is delicious!  He took us in one of his huge fridges, it was so cold in there DJ was trying to show me his breath.
Then we made our way to the Children's Garden to let the kids play in the Noah's Ark splash pool and walk around the garden.  The kids loved cooling down in the water!

Hallie finally warmed up to DJ and played with him in the water.

Branson LOVED playing in the water and thought splashing was so much fun!
Getting dried off in the sun!
He was so sick of me taking pictures of him!  But I just can't resist my best buddy!
I think Gavin and Branson were wearing Jade and Brittiney out!  Jade was not happy about Josh not being there!  He didn't want to be the only guy.  I wish Josh would have come with me but he didn't want to be in the heat all day.  If we had kids of our own he definitely would have been there.
Then we walked through the garden to the Bear Cave.
Branson wanted to give the bear a kiss.

I didn't really see Elizabeth for the rest of the day.  She was hanging out with my cousin Ashlin.  Lu thought she was the coolest girl!  And Ashlin was so sweet to her!  The laid on the grass and listened to their favorite, Justin Beiber, on Ashy's iPod singing along with every word!
Everyone was beat by the time we were done so we headed home.  It made me so sad to drop the kids off at home.  I miss those 3 so much and I can't believe summer is pretty much over.  I didn't get to spend nearly as much time with them like I wanted.  But it was great to have Elizabeth and DJ for the day!  And it was so much fun spending time with my mom, my grandma and all my aunts and cousins!  


Marvett Smith said...

This looks like so much fun! My kids would love this!

Treesa Porter said...

Your photos are AMAZING. I'm gonna need another disc!