Sunday, August 15, 2010

Enjoying God's Beauty

We went camping Friday night with the Callaway's.  We haven't been camping in so long, it was so fun!  We headed up the canyon and went to Tony's Grove first to get some family pics of Cody, Tara and the kids.  The wind was blowing so hard and it was quite chilly.  We got a couple of pictures but the gail force winds were too much so we decided to go try up Franklin Basin and find a camping spot.
A few of the outtakes:
A couple of the good ones:

The wind wasn't blowing nearly as hard at Franklin Basin and it was a lot warmer.  We got a great spot off the road and down a little hill tucked up against the mountain.  Whoever was there last left us a good supply of fire wood, too!
So we got the camp set up, Josh and I decided to sleep in the back of our Jeep instead of in a tent.
Once we got everything set up, Josh and Cody decided they needed to run to Bear Lake to get more ice because Cody was obsessed with the ice in cooler not thinking we had enough, which in the end it was a good thing he went.  While they were gone, Tara, Morgan, Atty and I decided to play in the little stream that run along our camp.  The water was freezing and our shoes never dried out so all four of us had to fashion flip flops and socks for the rest of the day, very cute!  It was fun bonding time though!
When the boys got back, got the air rifle out and shot at bottles and cans on the side of the mountain.
And Morgan convinced us to play the Skittles game.  In the Skittles game you put a bunch of Skittles in a bowl, put the bowl on your head and take 2 Skittles at a time until you get 2 of the same color.  Then you pass the bowl to the next person.  While they are getting their Skittles you can chew and swallow the Skittles you have in your mouth until they get 2 of the same color.  When they pass the bowl you HAVE to STOP chewing and swallowing, you have to hold what you have in your mouth.  Tara and I were having to push it all to the top of our mouths or we would choke!  It probably wouldn't have been so bad but we had 3 different types of Skittles, the original, tropical (or something like that) and SOUR.  I don't like sour candy so they were the worst and combined with the others was AWFUL!  Tara and I won and neither of us can stomach the thought of eating Skittles again!
Josh said there is nothing to do camping except wait to eat meals and go to bed and wait to eat again.  So it came time to eat dinner finally!  We grilled up some burgers for dinner and it was delicious!
Then after we were done eating, we decided to shoot the ketchup bottle to see who could make it explode!  I'm not into shooting guns but everybody else had lots of fun and the light was beautiful going down behind the mountains.
Once the sun went down it started getting pretty cold.  We sat around the fire and roasted marshmallows, made s'mores and watched for meteors from the meteor shower.  We were spotting the constellations and watching the shooting stars, I loved it!  I loved watching the fire, also.  It's so mesmerizing to me.
It started getting really cold and we weren't seeing many meteors, just a few shooting stars and The Big and Little Dippers so we decided to go to bed.
We slept good in the Jeep, Josh kept me warm all night but we had to turn the Jeep on at about 4:30 in the morning because it got quite cold.  We woke up at the crack of dawn because the sun comes up early in the mountains.  I noticed the fire was going again at about 6:30 so we got up and went down.  It was FREEZING!
Early morning picture with crazy, curly, frizzy bed hair!  Love my hubby, though!  He was such a good sport!
Once the sun got to us around 9 am it got warmer.  We had pancakes for breakfast and got the camp taken down to go home.
We all smelled but braved being close to each other for the family picture!
It was a great camping trip, Josh and I haven't been on one in about 6 years, so it was great fun!


Callaways said...

so much fun!! gotta do it every year now..... JOSH!!!! except NO skittles... ew, just the thought turns my stomach...blah

Marvett Smith said...

Great pictures, and it looks like so much fun! Camping is my favorite, but I want to know more about the Skittles game. I haven't heard of it before.