Sunday, August 8, 2010

From Georgia to Idaho

So when I was about 12, my parents' friend's daughter, Angie, had us watch her baby boy Savon.  I packed that baby with me everywhere I  went.  I loved babysitting him and so did the rest of my family.  Angie moved back to Georgia and had another baby, Olivia.  She would come back every now and again to visit and the kids got older and older.  She moved back to Preston about 2 weeks ago and she brought the kids over to my mom's house to visit and have dinner.  We met Patience, her 3 year old little girl.  It was fun to see Savon and Olivia and see how old they have gotten.  I can't believe he is going to be 17 in October and Olivia is 13!  That makes me feel so old!
Branson and Patience played together.  Branson thought it was so fun to have someone his size to play with but he was NOT into sharing his toys with her.  He didn't think that was fair at all.
Savon and Olivia kind of kept to themselves at first but opened up more later.  But that little Patience was not shy at all.  She climbed right up in my mom's lap and wrapped herself around my legs.  I wanted to take her home.  I asked her if she wanted to come live with me and she said yes.  She is so dang cute!  Her hair is so cute and bouncy.  Branson went up behind her and didn't know what to think of it so he decided to pull it!
I have dreams of adopting a little girl who looks just like her.  So precious.
Gavin is starting to feed himself a little bit.  We gave him a dill pickle and he chowed down on that for about 45 minutes and was in heaven!  Then we gave him a mint Oreo and this is what he looked like when he got done:
Then he started shoving fistfuls of dirt in his mouth!
It was so great to see those kids for a few hours and now we can go watch Savon play basketball this year!  I wish I would have gotten a picture of him and Olivia but I didn't want to freak them out too much, wondering who this lunatic is with the camera in their face!  Hopefully there will be lots more opportunities to get their picture!

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Treesa Porter said...

Those pics of the kids look like they should be in magazines. Gavin should be a cookie ad. He is so stinkin' cute!! The pic of Patience next to the tree is adorable. Ang would probably want a copy. So glad you were taking pictures ... I keep forgetting my camera. Still waiting for my discs ... :)