Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Cute Nephews

Josh and I went up to Jade and Brit's house last night.  When we got there I had walked down to my mom's house first and when I went into their house Brit told me Josh was in reading to Branson.  So what did I do?  Grabbed the camera!  Josh is so cute with those 2 boys.  He was sitting on Branson's bed with him reading Branson's favorite book.  Branson was so into listening to Josh tell the story about jungle animals and listening and repeating the sounds of the animals that Josh would make.  He loves he hear Josh growl like a lion!
When Josh was done reading Gavin came up to Josh with a ball.  They played with that ball for so long and Gavin was just giggling.  He would shove his face against the ball then run away and come back again for more.  Then Josh started throwing him up in the air and that was just the funnest!
I love spending time with those boys.  They make me laugh.  And Josh is so cute with them.  It makes my heart break wondering why we haven't been able to have babies yet.  I know Josh is going to be a great daddy.  Hopefully someday...and hopefully that someday will be soon.


Marvett Smith said...

Your nephews are so cute. You are going to be a great mom someday!

Callaways said...

oh so cute!!! you take some great pictures.!!!