Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We went up to Jade and Brit's house for a BBQ on Saturday.  Chelsie and Brian were home for the weekend.  It was so fun spending time with my whole family.  We got to see Brittiney's new mother's day present, Millee.  She is a pugpom and so tiny!  She loves to burrow inside Josh's jacket, and yes Tara, she still has puppy breath!
Gavin is such a smiler and a happy baby.  He had fun with Aunt Chelsie.  
Branson was getting really crabby so Brittiney and my mom read his baby book to him and he loved it.  
My mom, Brittiney and I started a fire in Jade's fire pit while the sun was shining for a minute so we could eat outside around the fire.  While we were doing that Branson was packing Millee around with him everywhere!  
After dinner, Josh was playing so cute with Gavin, who was enjoying Josh's nose!  
We got dinner cleaned up and started playing Battle Of The Sexes.  It's always a heated game when we play this, and of course the boys won...because my brother knows WAY too much girlie stuff!  
While we were playing, Branson and Gavin watched Nemo.  Gavin was smiling from ear to ear the whole time, he loves that movie.  
It was a fun night, I love spending time with my family.