Thursday, May 6, 2010

Guess What?

It's May 6th and it's snowing.  It's ridiculous, I'm tired of cold weather.  I want sunshine and flip flops!  Where is Spring?


TeamGornold said...

oh i have missed you too. i have even given you a key to my house and yet you never come by! har har. that totally rocks that you are training for a marathon. i admire your courage. i am trying to get the courage up to be ready for a 5k in august... so you make me look like a total wimpy! i love you girl and we do need to go out and eat or something. it has been way too long! :)

The Foster's said...

For real Kand...sent Hadd is snow boots today, to find that by afternoon she coulda used some flip flops;) Gotta love CV weather!

Lyndsey Fagerlund said...

Cool picture!! Thanks for listing me on your photo list-I'm honored!! :) It was great to meet you at the photo walk!