Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last Weekend

I haven't posted in a while, not much going on around here. But, last weekend I did go down to Spanish Fork to go to Lu's dance competition. She had her duet on Friday afternoon, so after work I hurried down there to see her perform. We had so much fun and her duet is so cute! She did such a great job.
Here's the cute girl rehearsing her duet in the hall.

Here she is with Shanalee, who is 15 and doing the duet with Elizabeth. She is an AMAZING dancer, seriously I've never seen anyone like her. She choreographed their duet and it is so dang cute.

We made a girls night out of it with me, Shannon, Elizabeth's mom and my MIL Rosie. We went to Cracker Barrell to eat dinner Friday night and stayed the night in a hotel in Springville. We had a great time at dinner, even though the service wasn't that great, then made a late night stop to Wal Mart to get some things we forgot and ended up all getting new jammies. We laughed and laughed and had so much fun. Elizabeth had the team competition early Saturday morning so we had to get going really early. The team competition was really fun. Elizabeth's team did 3 dances and did them all great. I played "hair dresser" for a couple of girls whose hair wasn't quite right. I love being at a dance competition, I love the feeling in the air, the smell of hair spray, make up, and spandex. I'm in my element!!
After Lu got done with her last dance, I hurried back home to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my little sister who was here for the weekend doing some more wedding planning. We shopped for a VERY long time trying to find the perfect dress. Just as we were ready to go get something for dinner we found it, a cute yellow sundress, perfect for a July wedding!! We went out to eat at Mandarin Garden and had a good time together.
I had a great weekend spending time with the people I love the most!


Here's a video of the duet if you want to watch it (don't mind the screaming, I get a little excited when I watch her dance).


ALL 4 DYETS said...

Looks like you had a great weekend at the dance compettion. I miss those days... We had so much fun at all our dance compettions! I am sure their are alot of new dance moves now, I have not been to a dance comp. for 3 years.

Bowler Family said...

She is so cute!! I miss that too! I can't wait until my baby girl is 3 so she can start dancing! Looks like you had a fun girls weekend!

Branson said...

oh my hell kandice, I tried to watch the dance video you posted and guess what I got 59 sec into it and just started crying, this is going to be worse than it was with Branson, Im crying over a freaking dance video.. seriously!!! Well looks like you had fun anyways and thats all that matters. see ya soon!

Vicki said...

How Fun I had a friend that had too judge at a competiotion last weekend I wonder if it was that one? I need to find out when some are so I can go I love it!

Ilaria said...

Wow, Kandice, she's REALLY good! How old is she??

Josh and Kandice said...

I have to comment on my blog for you because for some reason your blog won't open on my computer and hasn't for awhile now...weird.
Elizabeth is 6, she'll be 7 in May. She's been dancing since she was about 3 and loves it. I'd put the videos of her other 3 dances on here but the screaming, by me, get ridiculous in those!:) I love watching her. Oh and Brittiney, I always cry when I watch her dance, even when I watch the videos again and again, but that's because she's my girl. You're pregnant, you have a better excuse!:)

Treesa Porter said...

Her dance is so darned cute. Such fond and fun memories. I can't wait to go watch her with you in a couple of weeks. I lived for watching my girls dance. I sure do miss it. I laughed so hard I snorted coffee out my nose this morning when I read what you said about the smell of hairspray and spandex!! It truly is what dance competitions are all about though, and don't forget the glitter and tons of makeup ...