Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I went to Baby Animal Day yesterday with Brittiney and Branson. It was quite crowded but lots of fun things to see. It was a fairly nice day but as we were leaving big rain clouds started rolling in. Branson liked touching all the animals. There were baby cows, goats, sheep, chicks, ducks, bunnies and lots more.
Branson got to have his picture taken with the creepy Easter Bunny.
Last night, we had Easter dinner up at my mom and dad's. My mom got all of us bunny ears to wear while we were coloring Easter eggs and we couldn't color them unless we had our ears on. It was pretty funny, the boys DID NOT want to wear them but they were good boys and gave in.
The cute "Bunny Boys", Jade was "sad bunny" with his down-turned ears.

Josh's creativity at it's best!
Branson had to wear the ears too, he looks much cuter in them than the rest of us!

And since it's Easter I am so grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the sacrifices he made for me. I'm so grateful for the atonement and that I will live with Him again. I'm grateful I can and will be married to Josh for time and all eternity and we will have a forever family. That is such a comfort to me especially right now in our lives.

Watch this.


Callaways said...

yay... looks like you guys had a fun weekend too!! except josh looks kindof weirded in those bunny ear?? I wish we got into holidays more... we don't do ANYthing eastery... no eggs, no decor... I'm lame... I know what you mean about the Jazz.. I don't even like to watch them anymore... they suck!!!!! I'm TOTALLY ready to go to ST. G... I didn't want to leave... it was so beautiful today!!! Plus it would be a GREAT place to just start over.. get into school, go through the temple... no CRAZY people to worry about... I'm ready for a change.

Bowler Family said...

I love the bunny ears!! You have such a fun family!!! I love your thought (testimony) at the end, I to am so grateful for all those things. It has been so fun to see how you are doing!!! Love ya!

Treesa Porter said...

That Easter Bunny is not creepy. He's kind of cute. You still will never beat the creepiness of the one I saw at Walmart last year!

We had a fun time and I am so glad that you are all good sports and play along with your goofy mother!
We Love You All!

Frayer Family said...

Seriously! I love the ears!!!! look so excited to wear those ears. You should wear those fufu ears with pride!! CUTE!!!!