Monday, April 27, 2009

Then Again, Maybe Not

Josh and I have the idea of going mountain biking this summer up at Sundance. We went up there for our anniversary a couple of years ago, it was summer, and they have the ski lifts running and you can ride up to the top and back down, it's beautiful. They rent mountain bikes out and you put them on the back of the lift, go up the mountain and then ride down. We thought it the looked like so much fun, kinda scary but fun. Anniversary 2007

Josh and I went for a bike ride today at the golf course and now I'm thinking twice about riding down a mountain.
If I fall off a bike when I'm not moving and do this to myself, imagine what I'd to do myself going fast down a mountain with big boulders sticking out. In my defense though, it wasn't my bike and I haven't been on a bike in over 10 years. Lame, I know.


The Foster's said...

Not lame Kandice, you are SMART Kandice. Me + bike + mountain would not be good either. Hope your leg heals soon. LOL

Treesa Porter said...

So sorry you did that. Here's a kiss from mommy. Be CAREFUL!

slap said...

I'm not a mountain biker either.....Steve on the other hand....that man's craZy!! :)

Callaways said...

ya, I hear ya!! I was fearless when I was little, and did EVERY dare I got dared by my brothers. And the last time I was on a bike, I was an idiot too!! I'm not as fearless on things as I used to be.