Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Great Man's Day

Today is my Dad's birthday. So Happy Birthday to such an amazing father! I am so blessed to have him as my Dad, he is ALWAYS there for Josh and I. Nothing is more important to him than his family, he is so devoted to us. He has been over at our house countless times this past month trying to help us fix a leaky faucet in our bathtub that is seriously like 100 years old and a pain in the butt to fix! He's also helped me get the lake of water out of my basement this past week. He's such a great guy and I'm so proud to call him Dad. I love you Dad and hope you had a great day. Looking forward to Sunday Birthday Dinner!!

Happy Birthday Pop!


Vicki said...

What would we do without em. My dad helped with our flood too. Your dad kinda looks like Jack Black in some of those pictures:)

OUR FAMILY said...

Dads our the best! I loved what you wrote about your dad it made me want to cry...looks like you have been busy, how fun getting together with your family. I barley reconized Jedd, it is so funny that we dated it seems like so long ago. I am glad he stayed with Kaycee. You and your hubby seem so happy together, keep smiling!

Rusty and Jen said...

I swear we had a couch just like that! I love the photos..cute fam!