Monday, March 16, 2009

Love At Home

On Sunday, I went down to Spanish Fork to see my grandma Pat and all of my aunts and my uncle. Josh stayed home because he has had a little bit of the flu. It was so fun to see everyone and to visit. My uncle Jedd and his wife KayCee had a baby boy, Bennett, about a month before Jade and Brit had Branson and then my aunt Aspen and her husband Corby had a baby boy, River, about a month after Branson was born so we got the three new babies together for the first time. They are all so cute and it was hilarious when we laid them all out on the blanket together. Bennett is getting really good at rolling over and he kept rolling toward Branson and once he found him, he was fascinated by him. Bennett kept putting his hands on Branson's face and then was putting his fingers in Branson's mouth! And Branson didn't care! They were adorable. We all visited and ate lots of yummy food. We watched Sober House and American Idol. I love seeing that side of the family, we always have so much fun.

We took some family pictures while most everyone was there, we were missing my sister, my dad, Josh and my uncle Lynn and his family who live in Minnesota. My Grandma's husband wasn't there either because he just had a total hip replacement a couple of weeks ago. I hope you get feeling better soon, Earl.

Me and My Mom

Me, My Grandma and My Mom

Mommies, Daddies and New Babies

My Grandma with all her children except for Lynn

Grandma and the grandchildren and great grandchild (Branson) except for Chelsie, Shaedon and Kallie

We need to get together more often. I love all my cousins and can't believe how big they are all getting! It makes me feel so old. I'm the oldest grandchild on that side and River is the youngest grandchild right now with hopefully more to come! I love you all!


Treesa Porter said...

I am so glad that we were all able to get together. We really need to go down there more often. We should start going every other month or so and just have a girls' weekend. Thanks for coming sweetheart!

P.S. I am officially starting a diet tomorrow. I hate pictures!

Bowler Family said...

What cute little babies!! Branson looks so much bigger then the other boys!! Looks like you all had fun! I remember your aunt Aspen, that seems so long ago! Now we are all grown up! It's fun to see your mom, I always loved her! Tell her hi from me!

Callaways said...

those kind of get togethers are always so fun... glad you get to go hang out with the fam... and all those cute babies!!!