Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Need Warm Sunshine!

I don't know why but for some reason this last month has dragged on and on. It must be because I'm so sick and tired of winter but it just keeps lingering. I hate this time of year. All the snow in our yard has finally melted and now it's all muddy, that means spring is hopefully coming! I want to wear my flip flops and feel the sunshine when I go outside. It's been sunny a couple of days this week up here in the CV, so that's been nice and it felt so good.
I need to get going back to the gym and soon because swim suit season is coming and if Josh and I want to attempt to run at least a half marathon this summer,we seriously need to get training for it!

Josh got a job at LDS Hospital and he starts Thursday night, he's working 12 hour graveyard shifts. I feel bad for him having to work all night, but he's excited.

My brother had hernia surgery today and is doing good. He went in to surgery at about 10:45 am and was home by 3 pm, drive through surgery! Josh and I went over to see him today and had dinner with them. He doesn't act like he just got out of surgery. The drugs must be good! When we were little, my mom would always buy us a video game or something when we were sick so Jade texted her today and asked if he got a video game. So she went and got him a month of unlimited video game rentals. Between that and WOW he should have no problem passing by these next 3 weeks! Take it easy, Jade!


Vicki said...

AMEN! I want to sun to stay out too!Everything is so muddy and needs to dry a little. Thats great about Josh's job I hope he likes it. Get well Soon Jade. Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine!

Callaways said...

I'm with you!!! Sunshine and warmth, and laying out by the pool!!! So ready... I even put in my order!!!

TeamGornold said...

oh kandice! look at your cute lil' blog background! it is definitely time for hot sunshine, beaches, and pina coladas!

Shar said...

I'm ready for warmer weather too! This winter keeps dragging on.