Monday, January 26, 2009

Planning a Wedding & Josh's Birthday Party

We had a birthday get together for Josh on Saturday with my family. My little sister and her fiance came home from Twin Falls to do some wedding planning so we had a party at our house while everyone was here. It was so fun to see her and Brian. We had pizza and brownies and ice cream, then Josh got these...D Willie shoes!

Chelsie & Brian

Chelsie & Branson Me & my lil sis & Branson
It was so fun to see her for a couple of hours. We went bride's maid dress shopping earlier in the day after I got off work and found nothing but we did get some ideas. Her wedding is in July and is outside so we have to find something comfortable in 100 degree heat! I'm so excited for her, I LOVED my wedding day, and Brian is such a great guy, we're so happy to have him in our family!


Vicki said...

Tel chels congradulations for me! Thats great. I wish my little sis would get married. Those look like some pretty cool kicks your husband got.

Vicki said...
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Callaways said...

pretty sweet shoes Josh... gotta see them in action... congrats to your sis, and glad you all got to get together and chill and shop!!! Did you try that little chinese place where planned parenthood is?? They used to have some really nice ones, that weren't too pricey,,,, but things may have changed... in fact, they may not even be there.

TeamGornold said...

i had a july wedding and it was fantastic! we did our ceremony at 9:00 AM and took pictures right after! our reception(s) were in the evening so we were able to avoid being outside in the extreme heat. it was the best day in my life. july weddings rock! and having a morning ceremony was the best thing ever.

Nicole said...

Love the shoes! I'm guessin you guys must be Jazz fans?! Good luck with the wedding planning, that sounds fun!