Monday, November 3, 2008

Spending Time With The Love Of My Life

Yesterday, Josh and I went for a hike at the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. It was raining and kind of cold, but really fun. Since Josh is doing The Ulimate Loser competition at the gym, we try to go for a walk everyday. We usually walk 4 miles a day at the golf course trail but decided to go to the Bonneville Shorline. I've never been there and it was so pretty looking down at the fall colors on the trees and the clouds hanging on the mountains.

I love going out with Josh, just walking. We talk about what happened through out our days and about the things we want to do and our goals in life. I fall more in love with him when we go on our walks/hikes, just being together and talking. I've married such an amazing man and am so blessed we found each other.

Josh has 3 weeks left of this competition and is looking amazing! I'm so proud of him.


Callaways said...

sweet, you'll have to take us there sometime. I've never been there either. Josh is pretty cool, especially when he's asleep!!! :)

Frayer Family said...

That sounds like fun! I love to go walking with Jason too, however we don't have babysitters just so we can go walking, so we like to go on a drive and we put a movie in for the kids and make them put their headphones we can just talk about whatever. The kids don't make a peep cuz they are watching a movie. Unfortuneately it is not a walk...but I sure enjoy the "talk time". Hope we still get to see you in Jan. look GREAT!