Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Weekend

So it's taken me a couple of days to write about this because I'm still upset and a little pissed, but this is how our weekend started:

On Friday, after I got off work Josh, my mom and I were going down to Salt Lake to go to dinner with my aunts and us girls were going to see Twilight while Josh went down to Pleasant Grove to a Jazz party. When I got home Josh had big eyes and said that he got laid off! I had heard that Sunshine Terrace was going to be doing some lay offs but I never thought they would lay off my husband. He was so sad and just felt horrible. He kept telling me how sorry he was and I kept telling him it wasn't his fault. He didn't do anything to deserve it. I just felt sick to my stomach thinking how terrible it was to lay off people off right before the holidays. I felt so bad for Josh. So he decided not to go down to the Jazz party. I still decided to go down to see Twilight. I took my camera with me but was too upset to try to look happy in the pictures so I didn't take any.

Then on Saturday we had the results for Josh's Ultimate Loser competition. He has worked so hard for the past 8 weeks. I haven't seen him very much because when he wasn't at work he was at the gym. I just had a warm body next to me in bed each night and saw him early in the morning when I was going to work and he was going to the gym. He came in second in the competition, he was totally robbed. Josh was ahead of this other guy by over 4%, but the guy cheated and lost 25 lbs in one week! That is not medically safe, nor is it possible without cheating. I was so upset, I am still disappointed in the people in charge of the competition for allowing someone to win when you know they cheated. It's just not right. But everyone came up to Josh telling him what an inspiration he is. I'm so proud of him. He has done awesome and he looks so good!
Teresa, Karen and Josh

We went down to Salt Lake after the results because Josh wanted to see his family since they haven't seen him while he's been losing this weight. We went and saw his cousin Suzanne's cute little girl, Brynn. Then we went to spend the rest of the day with Shannon, Arnold and the kids. We had so much fun with them. We went to the mall to get Josh some new clothes for his skinny little body. We went back to Shannon's to hang out and our little nephew came over. Tycen is so big, we haven't seen him since his birthday party in July. He is so cute, it was great to see him.
Josh and Tycen

We went to my mom's for dinner on Sunday. Josh has been wanting her Spicy Cashew Chicken for a while now so she made it for him since he can eat what he wants now. It was fun to hang out with my mom and dad.

It was such a crappy weekend, I just thought you know what, we can't take much more! I know everything will be okay because I know God is always watching out for us and when one door closes another door opens. But it just sucks.

But on a lighter note.....

This movie was AWESOME!! I loved it. The characters were perfect and the chemistry and electricity between Bella and Edward was so romantic. Can't wait to see it again.


slap said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry about your weekend and Josh's job. I've worried about that a ton!!!! It's a scary time for all of us right now. Congrats on the weight loss, Josh. You look amazing! I need some help with it myself. In fact, I'd LOVE to lose 25 lbs. in a week, even if it's cheating!!! That's totally amazing and truly inspirational. Way to go! Any advice?? Love you guys, everything will work out!

Callaways said...

I'm so glad things worked out as best they could so far.... It was so fun to hang out tonight, and just laugh this last crappy week off!!!! I'm so excited to see the movie!!! I don't like to fight big crowds though, so I'll see it in a week or so. And JOsh, you totally did a great job with the weight loss... you look awesome, and you was robbed!!!!

Benjamin said...

Here's the email I got from Dan at the Sports Academy about the bull that went on with that competition:


Thanks for your comment online regarding Jared’s 25 pound weight loss in one week. Though it is not something that we like to see, the competition side of things does get carried away towards the end of the weight loss competition. Our overall goal is to help individuals create healthy exercise and eating habits that will last a life time. Most of that weight in the last day or two will come right back because it is water weight. I apologize that it looks differently, but our participants are closely monitored because their overall health is our first concern. Thank you again for your email. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

I still don't know how to respond to him... my questions are (1) Who the %$#@ told you you could call me "Ben"?!? and (2) If your "overall goal is to help individuals create healthy exercise and eating habits that will last a life time" why the %$#@ did you give $3,300 to a dude who's going to gain back all of that "water weight"?

It seems like a logical question, right? But I think the thing I learned most from my recent schooling is that logical questions usually have very simple answers that aren't always the ones you want. I think no matter how hard this Dan dude tried to answer those two questions above, his real answer could be summed up in 3 words: "Dan's a pussy."

tporter said...

We love you both so much and know that everything will work out, and you have tons of family and friend support. We are always here and always willing to help where we can...you just have to ask.

On another note, we all know who really won the weight loss competition ... JOSH. He played fair and he did things correctly and worked so darned hard. It is impossible to win when cheaters are playing the game. I think there was more cheating going on in this competition than just the winner. I think he had help with his cheating!

He truly looks awesome and I know he feels good. I noticed on Sunday how different his personality even seems. The fact that he tried clothing on in front of me was a true testament to how much confidence he has now. It is so good to see him healthy and feeling good. You two are awesome and you know how much we love you! See you Friday!

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you found my blog! I know i'm so awful at keeping it updated! thats because I'm so computer retarded!! but i'm learning! I'm so glad you loved twilight, I thought it was AWESOME!

Frayer Family said...

Josh...sorry to hear about the layoff! But hey...you look terrific!!!!! I about died when I saw the pictures of you. You look absolutely amazing!!! I am sooo proud of you. It takes a butt load of self control to do what you did!! I hope that guy gains the 25 pounds back (in less than a week) I know that you have wondered where I am...I have been working like crazy and haven't had anytime to write. I know I have a million things to catch up on. I will try!! Love you guys!!