Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hubby Tag

5 Things Josh Loves:
~Our 4 Furbabies
~His Family
~Music and Writing His Own Songs
~The Beatles

5 Things on Josh's To Do List:
~Have A Family With Me (biologically or through adoption)
~Get Me Through School
~Get Under 200 lbs (almost there!!)
~Go Through The Temple (with me, of course!)
~Run A Marathon

5 Foods Josh Enjoys:
~Red Lobster Shrimp
~Roast, Potatoes and Gravy

5 Things You Might Not Know:
~He Has Over Written Over 100 of His Own Songs
~He Went To Switzerland For 3 Months and Earned Money by Singing and Playing His Guitar in the Train Station
~He Didn't Date Anyone For 7 Years Before He Met Me
~He Can Fall Asleep In 5 Seconds Once He Lies Down
~He LOVES I Love Lucy

5 Places Josh Has Lived:
~Salt Lake City
~Las Vegas
~Tuscon, AZ
~Sandy, UT
~Logan, UT

5 Quirky Things About Josh:
~He LOVES Ovaltine
~He Has AMAZING Willpower, Especially While Trying To Lose Weight
~He Hates That I Have To Fall Asleep With The TV On
~His 2nd and 3rd Toes Are Webbed On Each Foot
~He Hates Candles and Candle Warmers (Even Though I Love 'Em)

5 People I Tag:

**Sorry Ladies! I forgot to add the last two categories so make sure you do them!!**


slap said...

Oh that's a sweet thing to do!!! I'll have fun with this after church today:) (if I survive all my meetings) Love you guys!!!

Callaways said...

It is fun to read. I had to change a few of mine, cause Cody was mad at my answers. I wish I could fall asleep that fast. I lay there for hours.... heard you had a nice, fun, 5 hour lunch with Julie...... That's awesome.

Ilaria said...

Let's see... here are the things I didn't know about Josh:

1) That he didn't date anyone for 7 years before you. WOW! That's really cool! :)
2) The falling asleep in 5 seconds thing. Benjamin is exactly the same (though he denies it most of the time: "No, honey, I'm not tired...zzzzzzzzz"):)
3) That he loves 'I Love Lucy.' I would have never guessed that one.
4) I remembered something vaguely about him not liking candles... is it a phobia thing?

I'm really proud of him for his weight loss. I'm jealous of your daily walks together! :)

Love you guys! Check out what I wrote about Ben on our blog.

Benjamin said...

I wonder how much of our similarities have to do with the fact that we spent most of our formative years within 100 feet of each other.

It's funny how the answers for Josh are about the same as the answers for me in everything EXCEPT for FOOD! That explains why we look like Laurel and Hardy together, but now with his weight loss (and my gain) he's starting to close the gap!!!