Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl

We went to my mom and dad's today to watch the Super Bowl. It was mellow. Josh and I played Life again with Jade and Brittiney and Josh won again! We had homemade pizza and lots of munchies. It was fun. Some of the commercials were funny, that's why we watch the game anyway, right?! I wanted the Patriots to win cause I love the Red Sox so I have to root for the New England teams. At about the second quarter I found out that DJ was in the ER with pneumonia again. He had that about 3 weeks ago and he was one sick little boy. So they rushed him to Primary Children's ER and they said he has pneumonia, the flu, a blood infection and a sinus infection. They put on ice pack on him cause he had a fever of 103 degrees and had an IV. They also stuck tubes down his nose to pull some of the infection out of his lungs. He is really sick, but his pediatrician said he could go home and has put him on some strong antibiotics. I hope he gets better soon!


Callaways said...

Glad you guys had a great weekend. Hope you feel better soon. I like your blog paper. It's so cute and festive.

Frayer Family said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! I miss the days we played games all night...We went to a Super Bowl party also. All the kids went upstairs and played and the adults all sat around the food table and talked all night. I did wonders for our diet! Hey Josh...I was watching the cartoon Curious George and the man singing sounds kinda like your music. I loved it! By the is the kids CD coming along. I want a copy to play in my classroom when the kids are working at their tables. The kindergartners love to listen to music while they work. I'm waiting..... (Kandice...make sure Josh is working on a CD for us with Josh singing kids songs (my kids need a CD from Uncle Joshie)! Love you guys!