Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas!! We hope everyone had a good one. It was a busy 4 day weekend!! It has been a busy month for us. We've had a Christmas party to go to on every weekend this month not that we were able to go to all of them but December is always busy!! I went to my Gma Pat's Christmas party on the 16th and it has been non stop since then! On Saturday night we went to my Gma's Christmas Party and on Sunday we had breakfast at my mom's before my sister and Bryan left to go back to Twin Falls. On Sunday afternoon we went to see a movie with my mom and my brother and sister in law. We got to stay home on Christmas Eve because of the snow storm. We played Bingo that night with Cody and Tara and their families and went to their house afterward to play Halo. Always fun to spend time with them!! We were supposed to go to Brigham to my Gpa's Christmas party but we didn't want to drive through the canyon in all the snow. And then today we spent most of it at my mom and dad's and then went to Brigham to see my Gpa and Gma Porter. It was crazy!! Not much time was spent at home but it was fun!! I am so grateful for all of my family! I love you all very much!! I love the true meaning of Christmas. I am grateful for Christ and all that he did for all of us. I am grateful for the gospel and what it means in my life. I am grateful that families can be together forever. What a wonderful time of year!!!

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The Callaways said...

I agree. Christmas is always busy, but such a great time. That bingo is really catching on. Everyone was telling us how much fun they had. Now I know why all the old folks like it so much! Although I think our prizes are way more kicking. Cody is so funny. I'm glad you guys to come. My little brother thinks you guys are funny. He said everytime Josh said something he was laughing.