Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Tara

Today is Tara's birthday. We went to a surprise birthday party for her on Sunday that Cody just threw together at the last minute. He did such a good job, it was so fun. We had cake and played a mean game of Bingo. Josh won a Hot Wheels airplane.:) Tara got some cool gifts. It was so fun. Tonight we went to Blackstone for dinner to celebrate. It was so good. Happy Birthday Tara. We hope you had a good one, we love you.


The Callaways said...

Thanks for coming you guys, even though we had crap service, and have to see mean people we don't really want to. They just follow me around for some reason. Thanks for hanging out with us. It's so nice to have some close, awesome friends. We love you guys, and hanging out. will you email me the pictures you got at the party please!!!

Frayer Family said...

We totally love the picture of you guys with your party geer on! What a cute picture of you guys! I love it when you update. It makes us feel like we see you more often then we do.