Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lazy Weekend

We didn't do much this weekend. Just stayed home and hung out with the animals. We went over to Cody & Tara's on Friday night and watched the Jazz kill the Lakers. It was so fun. It is so fun having friends close by to do things with. They are always fun to hang out with! Nothing better than spending the weekend with the ones I love the most. Ringo likes to wake me up at 6 am no matter what day it is but on the weekends I make him wait for a couple of hours so I can sleep in. He is pretty good about it but if he starts to get too hungry or have to go outside, he will start to lay his upper body on my back or push into my back depending on what position I'm in. He never bothers Josh though!!! Just his mama!! It's a good thing he's cute!!
We went over to my brother's for dinner today for Sunday dinner. We usually go up to my mom and dad's but decided to have it at Jade and Brittiney's today. It was nice for a change. I love living closer to my family so I can see them more often. My mom and dad adopted a dog named Roxy. She is so sweet! She got to play with Jade and Brit's dog Daisy. Roxy
Roxy & Daisy playing tug-o-war

My dad and Roxy love each other. It is so good for my dad to have a bigger dog. They have two little pomeranians but my dad likes big dogs. He loved having Wrinkles live at their house. Roxy gets into bed and cuddles with my dad. She knows the way to his heart!!


The Callaways said...

Well, I agree!! It's so nice to have fun people that we love to hang around. We don't have too many friends, but are VERY grateful for the ones we have!!

Tami and Kaleo said...

Hi Kandice and Josh, its Tami Jaimee sister. I had to look at your blog because she said you started one. I hope you guys are doing well. My kids are obsessed with your page they wanted to look at the dogs the whole time. We are excited to keep up with you guys. Love Tami

Frayer Family said...

Okay....we want to be the friends you come and eat dinner with!!! Guys, we got video of Tristan singing and playing his guitar (the older one you got for Alex (before the one she has now)). It is so cute. I will try and post it. We love you and your cute animals. My kids love your dog pictures also. Love you guys!

Frayer Family said...

okay guys....I went on your picassa pictures. I loved them. I about died looking at the picture of josh and kaleb as a baby. I started crying (i know I'm a baby, but it was so precious) Kaleb was standing by me and he was so excited to see josh holding him....and the other pictures of our family. Thanks for posting those. It was so cute. You should see the cute photos I have of that same time you came out. I should make a slide show of old photos like that. You guys would love it. Love you guys!