Thursday, November 22, 2007

How We Got Wrinkles

Wrinkles is the oldest so I will start with her. She is a Shar-Pei/Lab mix. She is almost 8 years old. I got her in June of 2001. I had wanted a Shar-Pei ever since I saw my uncle's Shar-Pei. I thought they were so cute because of their wrinkly skin. I saw an ad in the paper one day saying " Wrinkles needs a new owner, her's went to jail" and then it gave a description of her. So I called on her and drove up state to where she was and got her. I was so happy to get her. She was so cute. I just fell in love with her. The woman who Wrinkles was living with gave me the background on Wrinkles. She said Wrinkles lived with her husband who she was seperated from. She also said her husband had abused Wrinkles. He would pick her up and throw her across the linoleum floor and she would slam into the cupboards in his kitchen. And to this day whenever we move and there is a slippery floor she won't walk on it for a few days unless she has to, and even then she does it very slowly and keeps her distance from anybody. But once she's used to it she is fine and will jump on the floor to play with her brother and sister kitties. He spray painted her pink for Halloween the year before and there was still some pink paint in her tail. I felt so bad for her and was excited to get her home where I could take care of her. She is such a good, sweet dog. She still gets nervous around men but will eventually warm up to them. She LOVES her Grandpa. He just spoils her and she gets so excited when he and Grandma come over. Josh and I just love her.

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tporter said...

Wrinkles, Wrinkles, grandpa's best buddy, we loved you so much when you lived with us and cuddled with every kitten you could. You are such a sweet girl and such a good sister to Ringo. We love to see how happy you are when we come to visit and are glad that we live closer now so we can give you loves all the time. We are also very happy that now you have a back yard with grass to roll around in...gma loves you!